Yyyyep. It’s just a normal part of life. There’s no mystery to how it got there. Read more

Okay, I’m a huge seafood fan, especially of crabs and oysters, but in this case:

Always blew my mind to watch those DePaul dudes running around in like 20º weather in just their stripey Oxford shirts, and mini skirts on the girls. No thanks. I wore my Sorels and long johns to the bar. Read more

Yah, I would only want bare skin for pole. Silks, trapeze, and lyra, you want to cover your skin to prevent rope burn. I tore the shit out of my armpits and back the other week doing slack drops on the silks in a backless leotard. And I always wear socks for trapeze and lyra. Read more

Seriously, nobody needs to get their pants all tangled up in the silks or get trapped on the trapeze with their baggy clothes wrapped around the bar. Modesty is a safety hazard. Read more

Oh my God, there was a hamster in the purse, wasn’t there. Read more

Original London Cast of Les Mis or GTFO. I will cut you! Read more

He had some cute, Kellyesque mannerisms, too. Read more

Wait, no mention of Frankenjesus? My partner was still upset about it this morning.

Odd, I thought the E. stood for Entertainment.

Same here (except our Sheltie was kind of a jerk). Read more

We had UNICEF boxes at one of my Unitarian churches. I want to say we collected change in it during Advent rather than Lent, but my memory of the exercise is as blurry as the tenets of Unitarianism. Hey-oooo! Read more

Yah, when I was in junior high, my friends smuggled Dean Koontz novels onto campus and entertained/shocked us with the creepy sex scenes. Read more

Haha yah, I guess it’s like adopting cats. Gotta have two so they distract each other and you can get your stuff done. Read more

Wow, I never thought I’d come out on Team Goose about anything, yet here we are... Read more

My parents told me they had me so my older sister wouldn’t get bored, so... Read more

Eh, as a drinker of the occasional French 75, I’m cool with this. Read more

Was kinda hoping the answer would be something weirder, tbh. Read more

What do you call them, then? Grinders? Read more