Feb 17

Lincoln in a fight club, not that crazy. Lincoln getting knocked down by some lame frontman, now that’s just ridiculous. 

Jan 9

And the even sadder part is that Iran really doesn’t need to throw any more rocks, because they won two major coups with this strike. Read more

Sep 30 2018

There actually wasn’t much reason for them to shoot the Hobbit movies in New Zealand, they could have shot it anywhere but they got a bunch of tax cuts and stuff because of how desperate NZ was to have the production there.

Sep 29 2018

This is correct, if it wasn’t going to be a tourist attraction they likely would not have rebuilt the set, especially because the giant party tree was dying and required some pretty drastic intervention.

Sep 1 2018

You skipped step 1, which is deny: I didn’t do it, any reports that say I did are fake news. Step 2, when reports are verified: ok, I did it, but it’s not a crime. Unless Hillary or Obama also did it, in which case it’s totally illegal, and they should be arrested. 

Jun 12 2018

Most likely isn’t. Doesn’t look like Peter Chung is involved. The only people mentioned are Teen Wolf showrunner (WTF! smh) and Gale Anne Hurd who produced the steaming pile of shit that was the movie. Read more

Mar 3 2018

I came to the comments section to note that for me, personally, I used to get it all the time, up through grad school. Then, around the time I graduated, it just seemed to sort of go away. It’s been years since I’ve had deja vu now.

I didn’t even know that we knew the upper age was around 25. That makes so much sense, Read more

Sep 28 2017

My theory is that the Dotard is pissed because he has to fly around in that dump Air Force One that has zero gold plating on anything except maybe some plates. So nobody gets to fly in a nice jet. 2 scoops v. 1 theory.

Sep 28 2017

This. If Donnie Two Scoops isn’t getting his slice of that sweet, sweet corruption cake (the most beautiful piece of corruption cake you’ve ever seen, believe me), then it’s clearly a waste of taxpayers money. Read more

Jun 16 2017

I totally agree with you! My sister had a lightly used 944 when we were in HS that I later inherited and these cars are no joke. The go-kart like road-feel, the tightness of the suspension, the wide-open cabriolet like feeling with the roof stowed, the sheer quality that you feel instantly when you turn the HVAC Read more

Mar 29 2017

Hmmm, I wonder why they didn’t include her. She seems like she’s a dream to be around.

Feb 16 2017

Maybe Trump is Andy Kaufman in disguise, a bigger, more obnoxious version of Tony Clifton.

Feb 10 2017

This is actually fair. Every pregnant woman has to deal with being grabbed by the old ladies you used to find adorable when they weren’t fondling your swollen ute.