Aug 4

Blocking him? The barest minimum of prep but that would require some effort on his part so he's not doing it.

Aug 4

The TikTok ban fell flat so now Trump is trying to get rid of Sarah Cooper by overworking her.

Jul 29

Then why not War Machine or Valkyrie or Ant Man or Starlord or Scarlet Witch or Vision or Black Panther or Captain Marvel...

Jul 29

But then they retconned it so that Eggman had controlled an army of ants to take the form of Nick Fury in the One Last Day event.

Jul 29

Of course he doesn’t transform into a hawk. That’s stupid. He transforms into a hawk’s eye. Then he rolls around and dirt gets stuck to him. Read more

Jul 14

He is an absolutely vile character in that show but he’s so damn charming you start to fall for him. Tennant basically Kilgraves the audience.

Jun 10

If nothing else I have to respect Trump for being innovative enough to find new bottoms of this barrel.

May 27

Luckily there is no possible way for this feature to be abused.

Apr 27

Being unqualified is the chief qualification for a job in the Trump White House.

Apr 17

Do Drew, Oz and Phil have some sort of competition going on who can be the worst TV doctor?

Mar 29

If you’re convinced society is about to collapse and you’ll need a gun to protect yourself and your family I can sort of understand. I’d argue this is more likely to cause the type of chaos you’re looking to protect yourself from. Read more

Feb 13

In this instance “job” refers to pretending to be an independent anti-crime guy.

Jan 9

Iran is once again pursuing nuclear weapons, they’ll never make another deal with us if the next president can just abandon it because he feels like it, any internal strife inside Iran has now been turned on us and we’ve alienated our allies. Read more

Dec 6

That's an Ivanka cardboard standee. You can tell by the lifeless eyes and that she's in the same position in each shot.