Jan 25

The short version: Lying to her family just doesn't hold the thrill it used to so she needs to expand the group she's lying to.

Jan 23

I’ve followed her on twitter for a while. I love that she doesn’t take any shit. Though it’s a shame where we live in a world where she has to be so forceful about racism.

Jan 22

Add to that the human trafficking thing is almost entirely a modern day satanic panic. The You’re Wrong About podcast has some good episodes on this.

Jan 19

It's not surprising McConnell is turning on Trump now. Trump transformed the judicial branch to how McConnell wanted. Now that he's out of power he's served hat purpose and is no longer useful.

Dec 23

Why does Trump think that if Twitter and Facebook could be sued for the damage he does on their platforms they wouldn’t be more aggressive about flagging his posts or just banning him?

Nov 18

Kornacki is like a chihuahua, kinda cute but mostly I wish he’d calm the fuck down.

Nov 13

It’s a real puzzler. They may have to make a Buzzfeed Unsolved episode about it.

Nov 12

He’ll proclaim on Twitter any decision Biden makes is a horrible mistake and when the stock market dips half a percent that it never would have happened if they hadn’t stolen the election from him. Read more

Nov 11

The MAGA movement isn’t dead. I think the GOP is paying lip service to Trump’s claims so they don’t alienate those in the Trump cult. Read more

Nov 10

The endgame is provide non-committal platitudes to keep the Trump cult from turning on them.

Nov 9

I had my priceless Picasso painting stolen from me! I will provide no evidence it was stolen or that I even ever had it. But anyone who questions me about this clearly took part in the theft!

Nov 6

Also someone let junior know we’ve also had some population growth over the past 12 years.