Mar 17 2017

This news is killing me. God i love the Boosh, but can you imagine dealing with this nonsense while undergoing a baking emergency?

Jun 20 2016

I read this as her knowing the players. She knew Jon would do everything to protect the men under his charge. She knew Ramseys men were disposable. By not revealing the Vale forces, Ramsey threw everything at Jon certain of winning. Jon would have used all the forces together to play a stronger hand to end with as few Read more

Jun 13 2016

This would be a nice nail in the Jamie/Cersei relationship after he killed a king to stop that...

Apr 18 2016

The funniest thing was him running in with the picture of them smooching going “Hey Grandpa!Thought you’d like to see the latest news!”

Mar 30 2016

Have to admit, I am an excellent Aunt. Its all books about dragons (or paranormal Victorian-era espionage -i’ve also introduced them to Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series, which is also bloody excellent), ice cream, “Oh you want pink hair, yeah totally we can do that” and trips to see bands. Read more

Mar 30 2016

Yaaaaaaaaaas this series made me who I am today - a pretty damn independent and successful 30 year old woman, who can cook.

Mar 28 2016

I really liked this episode. I’m a big believer that your 20's are made in those moments where you have a wake up call and learn to put aside your ego, and nothing but that moment of clarity can make it change. People can tell you that you have made a bad decision, and it just makes you did your heels in out of pride Read more

Dec 23 2015

I miss when masterchef had such classics as “Sausage three-ways” or “A burst of pea flavour”.

Nov 30 2015

The thing that I found most realistic in Killgrave was his “Well its not my fault” attitude.

Sep 4 2015

Okay this chick is totally channelling the wry sass of my femshep <3

Jul 3 2015

Can anyone in the UK read Craig Davids name without it becoming “Craaaaaaaiiiiiiiiig Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaavid?” in their mind?

Jun 12 2015

I’ve just always thought that it would be super rude if someone stayed at my place, and i had to wash their sex sheets after they left.