Today 4:31PM

It depends on what you mean by “alive” though. Sure, there were more animals in BotW, but hardly any people. I prefer games with populated villages and cities where I can talk to people, visit shops, etc. I understand that BoTW is set in a ruined civilization, but so are the Fallout games and they have people. Even Read more

Today 1:55PM

Control was such a mixed bag. They had some interesting gameplay ideas with the superpowers you earned throughout the game, and a couple of the puzzles were interesting, but the combat was utter garbage and there was too much of it. The story started out seeming like they couldn’t decide between being a straight-faced Read more

Today 4:33AM

One of my favorite discoveries is that having fire weapons equipped can also keep you warm in cold weather. You will stay warm while they are strapped to your back/belt while climbing or using a bow and arrows.

Today 3:49AM

Actually, my favourite part of BOTW is just after leaving the plateau and venturing into “the wild” for the first time. Many enemies are dangerous and it really felt like a big unknown world that might take some skill to journey across.
Read more

Yesterday 7:23PM

i was trying to play on a train on my commute, so awkward waving of arms was not on the table. but more to the point, screw them for making at least some part of their game rely on a mechanism that is fundamentally at odds with a portable system

Yesterday 6:51PM

Ha, I bounced off Horizon pretty early on because I was coming off Breath of the Wild and despite how pretty the game and animation are the traversal just felt janky compared to BotW. I kept trying to climb things I couldn’t climb, or seeing what I thought was an alternate route into a camp or whatever only to bounce Read more

Yesterday 1:22PM

BOTW required motion controls to complete parts of the game, which means you can *not* complete parts of the game in handheld mode, which is kind of a huge deal when you’re selling a console based on its ability to convert into handheld mode. sitting on the train realizing that the shrine i had just crossed a river Read more

Yesterday 11:29AM

I remember catching one episode of GBH on CBC. Michael Palin was a teacher suffering from anxiety who was harassed into a breakdown by, I think, the union. It’s been a long time, but I think he was teaching special needs, or just really young kids that needed support so he crossed the picket line for them. I could be Read more

Yesterday 10:25AM

You’re the person who ends a Final Fantasy game with a billion Esper potions, aren’t you?

Yesterday 10:10AM

Boy, reading the summary of Mary’s character traits in this post, she’s exactly the “Cool Girl” skewered in Gone Girl (thinking specifically about the book in this case).  

Yesterday 9:46AM

That food-battling-cold method was similar to what I did as an improvisation when I was figuring out the game -- I just held a torch for as long as I could so I wouldn’t freeze to death while racing to one of the shrines in the snowy levels. That’s what I loved about the game, there’s not a single “right way” to play. Read more

Yesterday 7:05AM

I thought I’d hate BoTW because I really didn’t like Skyrim (or Oblivion), but I think it’s my favourite game ever. Having said that, I did play through Horizon Zero Dawn this year and also loved that so maybe I just have more patience for RPGs than I did as a teenager.

Yesterday 7:00AM

I’m not a huge gamer, but I’ve played the various open world Bethesda games on PC (Oblivion, Skyrim, and the later Fallout games). I too got a Switch during lockdown (mostly for Animal Crossing, but I also got BotW) and no, BotW isn’t particularly groundbreaking. Like many reviews described it, it was basically Zelda Read more

Yesterday 6:24AM

Breath of the Wild holds a special place in my heart because it was the first game I’d played in 13 years, and I’d originally dropped off in the Wii era because games suddenly felt like homework to me. Read more

Yesterday 5:51AM

Said it before and I’ll say it again, BOTW is the best Zelda game until you beat your first divine beast and then it becomes one of the worst Zelda games. And Beast Ganon is the worst incarnation of Ganon.

Yesterday 1:46AM

Finished Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart and got the Platinum trophy. Absolutely loved every second of it. Going to take a game break this weekend because next week has Scarlet Nexus and Mario golf come out and that will be absolutely crazy

Wednesday 6:38AM

Sometimes Dan really knocks ‘em out of the park. I can’t improve on his response to letter #2.