4:15 PM

One thing to NOT do, is put the defroster on hot and leave it on. That’ll make it crack right across the windshield. Done that a few times. 

3:40 PM

No recommendations on who to do it, but there’s a decent chance your insurance does free repairs, so you might look into that, and see who they want you to use.

3:21 PM

To go off what Violet said, Kobe is confirmed to have died in the helicopter crash. I’m sad for everyone that died.  BUT.  I am in LA, and it is incredibly foggy today. Conditions were atrocious. This was entirely preventable, and also, as Violet says, he was a rapist.  So now I seem like a stone cold bitch.

3:08 PM

They do seem a bit less safe than you’d like. I mean I wouldn’t be concerned about taking a sightseeing flight, but I do think if I were in a position, that I’d ever be like those rich guys who commute from Connecticut to Manhattan by helicopter daily. Read more

2:57 PM

It has been confirmed by local news outlets. However, TMZ has been pretty reliable over the years with breaking news, especially sports related.

2:12 PM

OMG you guys I’m taking a burlesque class with a chance to perform at a major burlesque festival in March!!!  I don’t know what is happening to me!  Following my curiosity is leading me to fun new opportunities. 

11:09 PM

“It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". I started watching it because it had been recommended to me by a friend. After the first few episodes I was like "I don't know if I like it... But I can't stop watching it". Then at the start of Season 3 I just realized "wait, I really like this show!". 

10:09 PM

Definitely takes a few episodes. If you’re a fan of Christoper Guest films/that type of comedy, it’s worth the effort.

10:03 PM

Star Trek: The Next Generation. I watched it with my sister growing up, but was never really into it the way that she was. At some point a few years ago, I decided to watch it on Netflix to fall asleep to because it was entertaining enough to watch, but not so entertaining it would be keep me up, and if I fell asleep Read more

11:38 PM

Having just this last year seen Purple Rain at the local old-timey theater, this weekend, they are playing Labyrinth.  Another movie to sing along with.