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It seems fairly straight forward to a mid-30s dude like me. If someone is able to claim you as a dependent, even though you may be filing a tax return for yourself, as a dependent you will not qualify for a stimulus check. Read more

12:05 PM

It sure is nice that we live in a corporate dystopia.

12:38 AM

Sounds like the JITB stores you went to are owned by a franchisee.  That's no excuse for not honoring the coupons tho.  Hopefully, corporate sends you a bunch of free meal coupons and give an attitude adjustment to those stores.

8:53 PM

Thanks! Looking forward to the day...

8:52 PM

I’ve got the lower fairings, they’re really rough and I’m waiting to give it a full shakedown and make sure there are no problems before I put them back on. It does look kinda cool as-is though!

5:41 PM

I’ll have to take a picture one on these days. But their is a farmer who lives near me that is wheelchair bound. Couple of years ago, after his accident, he started buying chevy crew cabs where the entire driver side comes straight out and then an elevator comes down for him to drive onto. Lifts him up and he’s right Read more

12:47 PM

Like, I really respect the people here who do get their bike license, but I really can’t be bothered.

1:44 PM

Oh this is delicious. Send that screen share to HR and tell any of your coworkers who also hate this mysoginistic asshole to also forward to HR. Like today. He’s clearly a sexist assface and needs to go. And the second day he’s ordering ya’ll around??? Oh alllll the red flags. He clearly hates women and is toxic AF. Read more

11:31 AM

Im so so sorry TC. That is stressful and terrifying. I wish there was more we could all do than stay at home to make this go away.