Sep 21

Disney+ to the rescue?

Jul 9

translucent black would be cool. 

Jul 9

I think it would’ve looked better had the cases been black:

Apr 30

I usually choose female. I find Male MC are all boring and the same, often using too many one liners and such. I end up eyerolling into a comma.

Apr 29

I actually really disliked the AC series until I played Odyssey and Origins. I think them pivoting into a more RPG-type game brought me in in a way the first games never could for some reason.

Apr 27

Yeah, my Twitter TL was filled with the stuff. Which is okay, because I was never going to play this. I’m on the side of “TL0U” didn’t need a sequel. That ending was perfect as is. Read more

Apr 23

Hate capitalism? This is a version of capitalism with zero-interest home loans with an infinitely flexible payment plan and money that literally grows on trees. Read more

Apr 17

Personally, and this may be because I spent a long time in PAL areas where *all* PS1 and PS2 games had a consistent spine, I actually really like how a library of games of that era look on the shelf and am less of a fan of the wild variations you get game to game nowadays. If anything I was disappointed that the FF7 Read more

Apr 17

you might as well get a spare ps4 game case, print out the box art and put it in the sleeve. essentially the same thing. Read more

Apr 16

My work at my next outlet will be more industry- and business-focused and less about playing games and writing about them, so I don’t think the FF retrospective can continue there. But I do have dreams of writing a book about Final Fantasy one day. We’ll see!

Apr 16
Press Sneak Out

After eight years and some change, I am leaving Kotaku. Friday will be my last day working for this website. I will

Apr 2

This is only the beginning to many delays that will happen to several releases this year. I expect Cyberpunk to be the next big profile game to be delayed, along with Ghosts of Tsushima. Read more

Apr 2


Mar 29

Telling managers to defy police and local municipal orders sounds pretty frantic to me. 

Mar 22

It doesn’t quite matter how Alyx sells, it matters if it sells Valve VR kits. That being said it’s going to sell well, and already has—especially for a VR game that requires a gaming PC. Then we wait for 9th gen console hardware and PS5/XX VR. Then this will be genuinely profitable game.

Mar 19

No,no, no,no,no,no, they want their employees to ask law enforcement if they’d be willing to trade in their phones for store credit.

Mar 19

Are they seriously asking their on-the-ground employees to confront law enforcement and defy a lockdown order?

Mar 16

Silent Hill 4: The Room - the game where you’re locked inside your apartment AND your apartment is trying to kill you!

Mar 12

I know it sounds like beating a dead horse to say UNIONS UNIONS UNIONS but the horse won’t actually die until the unions actually form. Read more