Sep 30

Oh, see, I think your missing the point of this hard-hitting ~150 word tweet-thread disguised as a blog. The hawt taek here being that both “withered husks” — who are absolutely 100% one and the same, duhboth called for a bunch of heavily armed under-sexed roid-raging mouthbreathing klansmen last night to take care Read more

Jul 10

“C...O...G...and we love spelling, don’t we folks? The vowels and the continents and the big, big words. And I know words, probably better than dictionaries. In fact, I had a dictionary doctor tell me once that they thought I should’ve become a dictionary since I knew such good word spelling. And I had a word come up Read more

Sep 28 2019

You could show me a slideshow of photos of Trump doing Trump-ass shit — pictures of him with that trademark shit-eating grin, the thing he does with his mouth where it looks like a prolapsed asshole, him playing grab-ass with ICE agents, so on and so forth — but it’s this goddamn photo at the header of this post that Read more

Aug 30 2019

I thought they created Glob or whatever that off-brand version of Twitter is called so they could have a safe space to do all their Nazi stuff without having to deal with us snowflakes correcting their grammar?

May 28 2019

I’d also expect a healthy amount of “How DARE the so-called ‘tolerant left’ make fun of the President’s uncontrollable bowels!” concern trolling. 

Apr 20 2019

I’m picturing the moments after this pic was taken so clearly. Trump probably took the bat and did a full-blown, hilariously awkward swing in the middle of the Oval Office, stumbled around, and most likely broke an expensive vase in the process. Meanwhile, Turtle led the thunderous round of applause and compliments by Read more

Feb 22 2019

My 100% favorite thing about that hack’s little cartoons is how he labels everything because he can’t draw for shit. I’m shocked he didn’t have arrows pointing to things like “napkin,” “sign,” and “hair” for a change. Gettin’ a little confident there with your audience of 90-year-olds, Benny!

Nov 15 2018

Am I the only one here who thinks maybe ol’ Grandpa POTUS picked Whittaker because he sees a bit of himself in him? (apologies for terrible photoshop)

Oct 22 2018

And I realized after I typed that I just described a sizable contingent of the current Republican party white cisgender Christian male base. Life is doomed to be middle and high school on a loop. Read more

Jun 14 2018

I also regularly see groups of schoolchildren at Union Station or touristing around with a substantial number wearing MAGA caps, and it is incredibly depressing. Read more

May 26 2018

Yep it’s racist, but a lot of people voted for him because he’s racist. It’s the sort of joke they’d hear at a party or talking to their friends, which lets them identify with him. Read more