Choire's 14th Kinja Account
I worked here a couple times.
Feb 17 2016

Count the motherfucking clauses in that sentence. Forget the horrifying shit show that was the topic, any editor who let that damn clusterfuck out the door should be fired on the spot for that alone. Read more

Feb 15 2016

It’s almost as if we watched totally different episodes.

Feb 5 2016

BOBBY stop playing mind games with us, by giving us riddles

Feb 5 2016

So I’m in on the joke enough to know it’s okay that I don’t know these two, but what I’m not sure about is if they’re the same people I didn’t know before, or different ones? I can’t really tell?

Feb 5 2016

Bobby, I’m familiar with all the words you use here, just not in this particular order.

Feb 1 2016

Yeah I mean here it is 12.5 years later and some folks are doing great now that the Hussein regime is gone. Read more

Feb 1 2016

Was the game name "Thousands of Dead and Maimed American Military Personnel and Hundreds of Thousands Innocent Iraqi Civilians Killed, Maimed, and Displaced" already taken?

Jun 12 2015

You know how us black people love to refer to ourselves as “ethnic”