I am gay and I didn’t find anything offensive about the article. I get the puns and obviously when I read “in the closet” the first thing I thought was *gay* but I don’t understand why everyone is so upset. Sometimes people need to lighten up. And quit fighting battles that don’t need to be fought. Read more

My brother was on house arrest for a dwi > my place to be exact. He had a machine that would beep and when he blew into it the machine would take a picture so there really isn’t a way to fool it. Read more

EXACTLY! People are so fucking ignorant. I just looked it up and as of 2014 there were an estimated 1.6 Billion Muslims worldwide. And 2.2 Billion who claim to be Christian. How can anyone take the actions of few “extremist” and pin it on a whole group of people. Christians are no fucking better. I am sure if someone Read more

Wow... so all the “Christian” nut bags bombing/shooting up abortion centers are justified in your mind then?! All religions have extremist and the extremist are ABSOLUTELY NOT representative of the whole religion/ people. Read more

I have always had business people-people expensing dinner- ask me to separate alcohol and food when they Pay cause their companies won’t pay for alcohol. Read more

I’m a lifer in the restaurant world and I promise you there are plenty of places that don’t automatically grat large parties. Actually none of the 5-6 restaurants I have worked at have ever grated large parties. Nothing worse than a table of 25 people wanting separate checks. Or when that one person picks up the whole Read more

Had to log in to star that.. made me laugh.. Read more

Substitute unlocked homes take squatters rights and I’m exactly the same! Read more

Wow. Just wow. Had to login in to say this is absolutely the without a doubt the funniest thing I have seen on Deadspin. Read more

My boyfriend and myself both thought it was very disturbing and made us mad that Trump was doing that. #gaythough Read more

He’s just practicing for what he would do all day -and night- in the Oval Office if he actually had any chance of becoming president. Read more

Haha.. oops. I forgot the *grab* Read more

Maybe they can *grab* each other’s dicks. Read more

From what I can gather his favorite age is between 14-29. So yeah she isn’t in. :) Read more

I used this move on my priest when I was alter boy all the time.. Read more

Oh that’s how he gets away with it.. #patent Read more