Jul 7 2016

I had a friend one time yank my parking brake while I was driving 80mph in my Mazda2 on the beltway in Houston. And then he started punching me in the face while I tried to stabilize the mess he put us in. I’m lucky to be alive right now.

May 16 2016

Bernie Sanders stickers. I refuse to tow people with those because I won’t get paid.

May 6 2016

but god? He prob would have done that. Old testament god is a total dick

May 6 2016

Funny thing is, leaving is absolutely the opposite of what Jesus would have done. Read more

May 1 2016

I’ve always had this theory that if you want a new car, just drive around a college town the first week of school. Between the drinking, drugs, selfies, and kids that do not know where they are going, there is just no way you will not get hit.

Apr 30 2016

This is the most Florida thing to ever happen in a long time.

Apr 28 2016

Yeah, who knows what it takes to get out of the grays. I've been posting for 5 years and I'm still in the grays.

Apr 22 2016

Their commercials are what grind my gears, because they have the audacity to call them fun.

Apr 22 2016

When installing bearings freeze them and heat the object they are being installed in, they drop in butter smooth!

Apr 20 2016

A well built off roader isn’t hard to live with as a DD. It’s when you get cheap so you can just get “the look” that you turn your rig into crap.

Apr 19 2016

When I was a kid, my dad had an unreliable, slightly rusty old sports car that he loved unreasonably. Read more

Mar 13 2016

Heck of a headline to parse if you don't follow racing

Mar 9 2016

Thousands of mid 20's men who have secretly had a crush on her for years will finally have an excuse to see her in concert.