Chinny Raccoon
Oct 9

This was me back in August. I got all the inches. And yes, it was a very, very big box. There is an amazing amount of engineering that goes into that packaging. 

Aug 17

the article explains the market pretty well, you’re clearly not it. 

Jul 13

I say you demand they buy you some fancy noise cancelling headphones and otherwise call health and safety over the damage to your ears.

Jun 1

I’ma go out on a limb here and predict you’re going to get lots of petulant, pissy pushback for this post from Jalops who think you shouldn’t be political. Read more

Jun 1

Belgium isn’t known for a historically empathetic relationship with black people.

Jun 1

Shh, that’s a hoax, remember. Funny how armchair quarterbacking took just a handful of minutes.

May 31

“its noted that the US has the same protections as other countries where possible - except for the bumpers” Read more

May 28

Neither one is terribly hard on the land if managed correctly. Sheep (and cattle) are naturally nomadic grazers, and given the option (or enforced management) to move regularly, they will. This is better for the animals and the soil. Nature had this shit figured out millions of years ago, we fucked it up with Read more