Chinny Raccoon
Apr 28

In the real world the actual price is around £12,000, nobody pays list price.

Apr 23

I’ve been driving for 13 years, owned seven cars with a total spend of £4500. The most expensive car was my current MR2 which makes up a third of that total.

Mar 27

Where I live a number of manufacturers own dealers, to a greater or lesser extent. You absolutely can haggle with them. 

Mar 12

The main chassis  is steel and made by a local company that makes ROPS and other similar fabrications.

Jan 27

Their utterly shit diesel engines grenaded their reputation (as well as themselves) a few years ago as well. I live in an area that historically had strong Subaru sales,plenty of mid 2000s Legacys still about. The more recent stuff? I think there’s a couple of XVs, but I can’t recall seeing any of the other recent Read more

Jan 15

The whole point of the first generation Smart is that it wasn’t a tin foil shitbox.

Jan 7

I am laughing at people suggesting a hatchback like a Fiesta or the Yaris as an impractical car.

Dec 24

No they are on the GM/Fiat Small Car platform. The Panda is on the Fiat Mini platform, used on the Fiat 500 and a few other things like the Ford KA.

Dec 23

I think it’s the Daihatsu Mira, with a list price of 860,200 yen, (£6090/8223USD), though you can have a Hijet for 693,000 yen. Suzuki Altos are a similar price to the Mira. Read more

Nov 26

If you are buying from a major dealer they often include a few days of ‘drive away’ insurance. I am confident in saying that a deal involving an early 2000s Megane did not include this.