Nov 9 2016

Jezebel spent a lot of time telling people, especially Bernie bros, to fuck off. They did fuck off, and this is the end result.

Sep 30 2016

But in citing those stats, I mean, you know there’s an asterisk: the fucking Internet. Clinton was in the right place at the right time. You can’t ignore the greatest technological leap in human history when talking about Clinton’s economic history.

Aug 30 2016

Heck, I have a kid and I’ve gleefully turned my nose up at practicality in my fleet. I’m schlepping a single kid, not a sports team, I’m still ok with a tiny car. I’m ok with it specifically because I look at Europe (which contains Italy) and see how they don’t rely on SUVs and CUVs to tote their kids and crap. So an Read more

Aug 2 2016

Holmes will hire Marissa Mayer to lead this fallen company back to glory.

Mar 22 2016

What about “downgrading”? Basically selling your car then using the cash to buy a cheaper car. Read more