Jan 2

Im always in the greys, but as a current museum studies student who helped unionize the last museum I worked at, I feel like the target audience for this article. Read more

Dec 10

This is why I liked the food court at the mall where I worked many years (albeit, in the movie theatre for the mall, not the Cinnabon). The Cajun Big Easy was staffed by Asian-Americans; the Little Tokyo by Latinx; the Pizza Villa by African-Americans; & the Subway by lesbians. Cross cultural experience for the price Read more

Nov 20

Hot take: in the same way that everything is a nail to a hammer, if you frame yourself as an emotional dumpster, then all you’ll see is trash.

Nov 1

I’ve wasted a lot of my life but will never regret a single second I spent on this dumb website.

Oct 31

Thank you for all the laughs Drew. I’ve shared this with other people in other places, so I’ll share it here too. We created Sidespin/Gawrker almost 7 years ago as an offshoot of Deadspin. You and everyone else are welcome there anytime. Please join us. You can write whatever you want, whenever you want. Read more

Oct 31

Thanks for everything you’ve written, especially the Dadspin posts. They’ve genuinely helped me work through some of my failings as a parent. Read more

Oct 31

I’m trying to report the facts, Freeman. You think Billy Haisley was a pro on day 1!?!?! 

Oct 31

I like how this article is the equivalent of someone writing the entire content of an email in the “subject” line. 

Feb 23 2018

You said you were a size queen but you still gave me a killer GJ. Thank you.