Jan 2

Im always in the greys, but as a current museum studies student who helped unionize the last museum I worked at, I feel like the target audience for this article. Read more

Dec 10

This is why I liked the food court at the mall where I worked many years (albeit, in the movie theatre for the mall, not the Cinnabon). The Cajun Big Easy was staffed by Asian-Americans; the Little Tokyo by Latinx; the Pizza Villa by African-Americans; & the Subway by lesbians. Cross cultural experience for the price Read more

Nov 20 2019

Hot take: in the same way that everything is a nail to a hammer, if you frame yourself as an emotional dumpster, then all you’ll see is trash.

Nov 1 2019

I’ve wasted a lot of my life but will never regret a single second I spent on this dumb website.

Oct 29 2019

Just wishing all of you the best. This situation sucks, your management sucks even worse, and I hope all the staff makes it through to the other side at a place where you’re actually appreciated.

Oct 29 2019

Can you let me know when you will be returning to sports coverage so I can go back to checking in once or twice per day? I have a lot to do today at work and all of these posts about non-sports topics are distracting because I Must Read Every Single One of Them. Whereas with the sports stuff I really only care if its Read more

Oct 29 2019

Please do not disparage my good blog. All regular blogs are Just Look Nice; blogs in the feature format are Very Fancy.

Oct 29 2019

Man, I love people who self-own through being hilariously inept. You know, pumpkin thieves, thin-skinned vulture capitalist owners of blog sites, those kinds of folks. Read more

Oct 24 2019

Not only is this guy a complete and total shithead...this situation has me rooting for the <looks around....whispers> the Nationals.

Oct 23 2019

Stop trying to summon Curtis Wenis. He doesn’t read this blog anymore.