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Aug 5

If fascists didn’t steal culture, they’d have no culture at all.

Aug 5

It’s pretty sad to see io9 comments be negative and pushback on this. The comments before were pretty inclusive but it’s clear the scifi/fantasy space is still dominated by white men even now as people have tried to be more inclusive. Even those mocking the term micro-aggression here are showing their asses.
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Aug 4

Can I weigh in with what I hope will be a fairly nuanced response on the issue of mispronounced names and microaggressions? Read more

Jul 31

This is actually great to read, as it’s one of the reasons I’ve been hesitant to buy the new version. I tend to blow through these like a MMO, where I play for multiple hours a day for the first month, and then get totally burnt out (by my own doing). Then when I come back months later I would find some of the Read more

Jul 29

Say what you will about this adaptation, but I thought it was particularly brave of them to make it a musical.

Jul 28

Hobby drama is fun and I am a Ravelry user, so I’ll let you know that the knitters who were banned were NOT “more interested in 3-needle bind-offs than immigration policy.” Like many other dipshits on social media, they were busy organizing themselves to troll knitters of color and creating yarn colorways with racist Read more

Jul 28

I’m sorry, “Songs in the Key of Springfield”, the collected songs from the peak years of The Simpsons, produced by THIS MAN, WAS The Simpsons and was also my childhood.

Some of the shows all time best episodes, indisputably, were its musical episodes. And he was the guy behind that. There would BE no 30 years to speak Read more

Jul 28

So . . . you’re saying he should be THANKFUL he was unceremoniously fired for clear and obvious discriminatory reasons after being a vital behind the scenes contributing creative force of a legendary television show for nearly thirty years?

Have you ever made a comment here that isn’t the absolute fucking worst?

Jul 26

His fans are exactly like that episode of community where the Dean becomes a deranged director and Annie violently commits herself to him because in her words "Everything the Dean does is genius because if he isn't a genius than I have devoted myself to an idiot and I will not accept that!"

Jul 26

How would we find out if the blood test developed by Monarch University is being looked at by the FDA? Less intrusive, costs less in materials and time, and it provides results in minutes. Read more

Jul 25

I was trying to figure out why Ray was wearing a t-shirt referencing Star Trek’s Borg, then I realized oh no, its for cyBORG....and at that moment I realized how Star Trek ended up calling them the Borg, and I’m embarrassed to have just now figured this out.

Jul 23

This movie needs to take place in 2022 or something, and make a joke about “NEVER travel to 2020.”