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You get this many stars. Good thinking. I have a lot of respect for Hickman‘s work due to the way that it makes readers think critically, resulting in fun discussions and analyses in formats like this one here.

3:20 AM

And I’ll watch. From the chair. In the darkest corner of the room. Smoking a cigarette. Listening to Tuvan throat music. Dressed like Mike Score from Flock of Seagulls. As one does.

10:59 PM

There is a fascinating series made by a professional film critic on YouTube that discusses the impossible architecture Kubrik used to build the Overlook Hotel. Considering what we saw in this trailer, I highly recommend watching this incredibly deep dive into Stanley Kubrick and his preproduction set-designing

1:33 AM

Anarcho-syndicalism sounds like it would handle the job in just the manner that you mentioned.

2:59 AM

I get it. Personally I love this, but sometimes you just want to relax with a comic that’s a quick and entertaining story with good artwork that takes at most four to five minutes to read. This clearly is not that. You kind of have to do homework to understand and enjoy it to its fullest, spending more like 10 or

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It’s pretty depressing. It has none of the actual costs of running an actual cruise ship out into actual oceans. It’s a fancy hotel experience, so the price really should be that of a fancy hotel and not a cruise ship. Hell, going on a cruise ship is probably cheaper then this “experience”. I get that a lot of money

1:51 AM

The tone completely nails that era and taps into 90’s nostalgia successfully ( which is not that easy to do).  They can have my money. 

1:39 AM

As someone who has spectrum cable service as well as the spectrum cable app for both an iPad and an Apple TV, it only works when you are home, basically. If you are traveling, like at a hotel room, it allows you to watch a handful of the stations for which you were actually paying.

7:03 PM

He uses his wealth and a proxy with a false identity to find an ingenious engineer and a group of people to carry out the engineering effort from A country on the other side of the world. He pays them upfront, has them blindfolded and completely disoriented, leaves them in the cave for several months so that they

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If you have any doubts about Hickman’s ability to write great stories about families, about characters, and about their developments and interactions with each other, just check out the first TPB of Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four.

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Congrats, CJA! You’re extremely talented, and they’re lucky to have you.

9:41 PM

I’d love to see an adult, mature version of “Garfield Minus Garfield” or, better yet, something entirely new by Jim Davis (and some collaborators) to create an experimental animated special or series of specials that are like or akin to (or a spiritual sequel to) “Garfield: His 9 Lives”.

9:19 PM

I know that this comment is two years old, but still… Damn! I had no idea that he made that much.

2:18 AM

It feels like perhaps the preproduction scripts told the story in a more linear way, but after a rough first edit, the pacing was all incorrect and none of it worked as 42 minutes long episodes (the other 18 minutes, of course, are the commercial breaks during the hour). To fix the pacing so that the action scenes,

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I’m disabled. Since no one has mentioned it, I guess it must be up to me. Especially since there are far greater numbers of people with disabilities (and the elderly) who are unable to comment right here and right now in response to both the article and the 52 commenters, I am the one who has to speak to it.

8:40 PM

I am waiting for an iteration of the inevitable meme showing that the actual “big reveal“ is that Data is sitting across the table from and playing a game with Bernard, as the two discuss what is the measure of a man. Meanwhile Picard is actually sitting across from Dolores, as she tells him, “They say that great