The Right Person Died in Secret Empire #7: An Alternative Analysis of Secret Empire and Its Underlying Meaning

In response to Charles Pulliam-Moore’s post “It Looks Like The Wrong Person Died in Marvel’s Secret Empire” article, I wrote a partial version of this initially as a response, but it grew into a full article in its own right. I have cleaned it up, rewritten it, and added content. (Spoilers for Secret Empire #7.)

Walking Dead show lawsuit discovery proceedings turn up thousands of pages revealing rare glimpse into the machinery behind a "Golden Age of Television" production

The trove of papers is rife with obscene language (mainly from Frank Darabont), and shows how profit works in a specific industry where decisions are based in part on corporate and individual avarice. Whose greed is worse? The (alleged) book-cooking television series creative machine wing over at AMC or Darabont,…

Watch Russia's Astromech Unerringly Shoot a Whole Wall of Targets Like It's Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing

Over at Mashable, there’s a good article about Russia’s ISS-bound space robot being shown off via its extra-added ability to “double fist lethal hand cannons”. It’s the “perfect” way for the Russians to show off its complex motor function skills and software by having it blast away with unnerving accuracy. Yes, it…