Thursday 11:28AM

totally  type in saab and get 150  F-150 listings. 

Thursday 10:45AM

My favorite is cars that are clearly automatics listed as manuals.

Tuesday 4:13PM

If I saw a Saab Interior and at least a grill outline, I would’ve been a lot more accepting

Tuesday 2:37PM

Guy Upbadges Chevy Bolt, We Try To Fool You Into Thinking It’s Rare Saab Prototype For Clicks!

Tuesday 2:26PM

And a terrible one, at that. The only thing a Chevy Bolt has in common with Saab is that it’s got four wheels.

Tuesday 12:03PM

“I need a reliable car and would prefer to buy something new. I’m not really set on one brand or another but I would prefer something like a Honda or Toyota crossover.” Read more

6/14/21 4:49PM

The guy who was driving appears to have a long history of drinking and driving arrests. At this point, it appears to be more likely to be “drunk driver doing drunk driver stuff” than “terrorist incident”, unless some other info comes out.

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6/14/21 4:22PM

And then there is that 5-seat center row’s fickle cousin, the 4-seat center row. More humane than 5, perhaps, but the armrest between the two middle seats is a real moral ambiguity. 

6/14/21 6:28AM

They are not. I’ve ridden in plenty and they bounce. And bounce. And bounce some more. And that’s the cowboy Cadillac version. The fleet version? Only if I have no other choice.
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6/13/21 7:45PM

Miatas do that to my Caterham

6/13/21 3:23PM

The idea that they’re nicer to drive baffles me. Large SUVs and trucks drive/park like boats, and I hate dealing with them. I will never understand why anyone would want them, if they’re not doing work. 

6/13/21 2:39PM

Does it really feel nicer to drive something that large? I don’t think so. It’s a fucking pain in the ass. People just don’t want to admit that. I have a neighbor with a big dually Ram and the aggravation that guy goes through trying to park that thing isn’t even funny any more.

6/13/21 11:46AM

There’s zero reason for me to have a big-ass truck like what is out right now. If I can’t park it in the garage, it’s too much to deal with since I tend to service my own cars as well.

If I need a bunch of lumber, appliances or anything else taken to my house that doesn’t fit in the wagon, most places offer free Read more

6/13/21 11:20AM

Another thing is that the headlights on these new trucks seem to be exactly eye height for anyone in a standard sedan, hatch, etc. I drive and E46 and when newer trucks pass by, especially the latest GM trucks, they blind me in a way that most other vehicles do not.