Yesterday 10:58AM

I had a Frontier for a week.  I couldn’t wait to return it.  ND at any price.

Monday 4:30PM

There’s nothing worse than someone else’s sweat soaking your clothes.

6/08/21 5:38PM

So where are all the fanbois crying about how mean, mean Hindenburg was lying in order to pump and dump their short?

6/08/21 1:23PM

B Plates are theoretically banned (but not really in practice).  The dodge is to get vanity plates; that’s why so many panel vans have fire department or Blackhawks plates.

6/08/21 12:04PM

I’d buy one, but it can’t haul 50,000 pounds at the hitch along with 20' sections of concrete sewer pipe in the bed.  What were you thinking, Ford?

6/04/21 4:53PM

Because the Transit Connect vans sell heavily in the res-of-world.  Meanwhile, the US-made Transit vans are built here.  Shocking, isn’t it, that they’d build where the demand is?

6/04/21 4:50PM

The Rest-of-World is a much larger market for compact vans; why should they be built here? The real question is why the government does something this monumentally dumb.

6/04/21 1:52PM

But the fact that charges are the same for a person living 30 miles from the factory being the same for someone living on the other side of the country suggests it’s all profits for automakers. Read more

6/02/21 12:54PM

Anyone who voted NP at anything over $0 has never driven a late 90s Twingo.