Jennifer Wilson

Or, you know, her too. Like most of us. Read more

Do you live under a literal rock? HRC had 3 MILLION more votes. Read more

More people voted for Hillary. More Floridian, Michiganders and Pennsylvanians hate themselves enough to cause this. Read more

My husband & I argue via text. That way I still tell him all the ways he’s wrong but no Ones flight gets ruined. Read more

Coming to say the same thing. Shame the bosses, not the dancers. Read more

Oh. Good. Lord. You realize the comment delay is because while Lindy was at Jez the comments were full of graphic rape pictures, right? A lot of the commenters were awful. Read more

My mom cut my hair from close to waist length to the Dorothy Hamill (yeah-I’m old) when I was about 4. They put my hair in a ponytail, braided it and cut it off and gave it to my mom who decided the best way to break the new do to my folicularly challenged Gramma was to give her the hair before she saw me. My Gram Read more

Carrie Fisher is a best selling author without doing Han Solo. It’s part of her history too. She’s entitled to tell her story. Read more

I’m not a Berner but he REALLY tried. I really can’t understand HOW you could be all for his campaign, then look at HRC’s only slightly different campaign and say “NOPE!” Read more

That risotto recipe ruined my dinner party... Read more

No. America, as a whole does not “deserve” Trump. No country deserves Trump. Read more

Agreed. And when she was on the much ballyhooed Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, their producers reported that the only guest that was nicer than Kim was Carol Burnett. They anticipated some diva brat behavior and got lovely, patient, FUNNY and self aware instead. I’m #TeamKim Read more

My dad grew up in East Liverpool. It was decaying 68 years ago. Read more

I hear you & understand you on that. Weird word choice. Read more

There’s some serious perspective for you. at least no one has hung an effigy yet.. Read more

I thought that, then listened to an interview with Dunham on Fresh Air. The joke is that they're all entitled brats (Hannah included). Once I clued in I started to find it both enjoyable AND a cautionary tale (mom to a millennial girl- I'm scared!) Read more

It was also Jezebel that offered a bounty on Dunham’s un-retouched vogue photos. So, maybe Jezebel earned some of Dunham’s scorn? Read more

Went to 12 years of private school. Never encountered a teacher this shitty. Private school teachers tend not to be paid as well as public school teachers & don't have Union protection, so they teach for the love of teaching & it's a lot harder to hide. Read more

Well. If you read, the LA govenor requested Obama wait to come to the flood zone as their first responders are pretty fucking busy right now and presidential visits are kind of involved... Read more

I have a Leiden factor V genetic mutation. Doing that could, quite literally, kill me. There's about a zillion reasons a woman may not use hormonal birth control. Read more