Sounds like they put about as much effort into the trailers as they did the actual game.
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They’re also able to tell shareholders to piss up a rope in a way that not too many companies can or are willing to. Remember when Animal Crossing: New Horizons was delayed, and Nintendo lost a quarter of its value? What would normally be a cause for absolute panic with any other corporation was met with a shrug, and Read more

The fundamental problem with trying to “buy” Nintendo is that they are fairly unique among companies in general in that they have “fuck you money.” Most companies nowadays simply aren’t allowed to bank the sort of scratch Nintendo has (shareholders get to pretty much all profits nowadays). Read more

Apparently, the game producers are on record saying that the main plot is not going to diverge significantly from the original. Read more

The only thing surprising to me is that there were players who thought you actually could. I don’t think SquareEnix has had that sort of carryover for any game they’ve produced.
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The problem is that CDPR has been saying that for years. And yet, every single time, their latest project is a buggy mess that takes at least a couple years to get to a stable state. Read more

So... like most CDProjekt Red games, you need to wait a couple years after you bought it to get the game you were promised at launch? Read more

One of Nintendo’s “double-edged sword” traits is their tendency to not make a new [x] unless they can think of some new thing to add or new way to play it. Read more

Yuna in FF10 was an emotional doormat. She existed nigh solely for Tidus to drool over, and her (arguably far more important) storyline frequently took second stage to Tidus’s ridiculous daddy issues.

“Listen, I know there’s this massive creature that is threatening the world, but my dad was disappointed in me!” really Read more

Presuming an actual threat happened (I think that’s the reason for “credible” to be in quotation marks), and not a way to try and cancel things where they would expect to be taken to task by users and clients.

I will acknowledge that in this current timeline, either are possible.
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The point is that a game actually using Sugimori’s art wouldn’t look like that, thus defeating the purpose of this entire thought exercise.
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Actually, I think that the criticism itself is a great idea. Outlets should be willing to bite the bullet, do reshoots or outright take down videos with erroneous or mistaken data. Read more

How exactly would he have gotten those copies legitimately?
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Actually, Frostbite would have absolutely been EA’s directive.  That’s exactly the sort of decision a publisher makes for a studio.
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Ya know, every so often, I feel like a handful of Sony execs get together, and one of them notes, “Hey, guys... we haven’t stepped on our own dicks recently. We should probably do that.” Read more

My point is that this one particular criticism of LMG falls pretty flat because pretty much NO outlet would pass that sort of scrutiny. Read more

That in an article about how terrible it is to make corrections as a footnote... Kotaku makes corrections by footnote. Read more

Yeah, I kinda EXPECT that ALL of them cut corners in production.  But the environment that Madison paints (and for the record, she isn't just now coming forward with this) is considerably more disturbing. Read more

But you didn't pull down the article and post it with the clarification, now did you? Read more