1:43 PM

http://jezebel.com/people/pingusanchez this lovely person right here has nothing but greatness in their comment history. I also emailed mods about it. Harassing a survivor of sexual assault while she was venting about a misogynistic asshole is not very savvy.

8:24 PM

Ugh. I just found out that my insurance covers both elective and medically necessary abortions (which is cool) but does not pay one penny towards any kind of birth control (not so cool). So I guess those anti-choicers are right about women using abortion as contraception...

9:01 PM

I need some advice! I have been neglecting my up keep appointments for the past two years or so due to lack of funds and moving and being too lazy to find a new doctor. I'm going to start making my appointments soon and I've been debating on going to see a dermatoligist for a while. I just don't know what to look for Read more

9:03 PM

I need to stop following animal rescue groups on facebook. This rescue just posted a pup that's up for adoption that is an American pit bull terrier and Chesapeake bay retriever mix. My boyfriend has wanted another Pibble for a long time, and I have desparately wanted another Chessie since my family's Chessies passed. Read more

6:13 PM

I went to a dog show this past weekend and they had a Bil Jac vendor there. They had a deal where you could get an entire case of their chicken liver treats for 25 dollars. I bought it, and the vendor gave me two sample sized bags of their food for free. I gave it to my dogs that night and they loved it. My puppy is Read more

6:20 PM

Has anyone bought the new Essie magnetic nail polish? I bought one that is supposed to turn into snakeskin (SO COOL, RIGHT?!) after you put the magnet on it but it didn't work. I followed the directions to the T, which wasn't hard because they seemed simple enough. Paint one coat, let it dry, do the second coat, Read more