8:37 PM

as a too-old-to-throw-tantrums child, 8 or 9, after a day hiking, Dad would not let me bring my walking stick home in the car. My filthy, rotting, branch I'd been using as a walking stick. Complete meltdown, screaming sobbing in the mud; Read more

12:01 AM

Finally someone willing to stray from the choir of critics, who even in their scathing criticisms show a hint of appreciation for quite a few elements of the exhibit but are unable to separate it from their hatred of the institution. This is exactly the reason that people hate the art world and pretentious art Read more

8:24 PM

i have a stuffed animal platypus from the early 90s that i have fabricated an entire personality for. he has a boomerang business on ebay, hates junk food, gets frequent ear infections, and loves selena gomez. i a sick person. but i love him!!

10:37 PM

I dont care what your opinion is of me. I get that because I don't share your opinion and acquiesce to whatever the "thought cloud" is expected to be at any given moment that it makes you uncomfortable and that several people today have felt the need to come up at me for that, but I am not a delicate flower who Read more

10:18 PM

I mean so what. Shit happens. Stop trying to overdramatize the situation. They got snow sprayed on their windshield by a trucker, slid on some ice and skidded into the ditch. It could have happened to anyone and just because there was snow on the road or because they come from California or they have the wrong last Read more

9:25 PM

if people didn't drive in Monatana in the winter because it snowed the whole fucking state would cease to exist. The roads always suck in Montana in the winter, there are always cars in the ditch. I live in the land of perpetual winter and people drive everywhere everyday whether it's an emergency or not. Sometimes Read more

8:29 PM

I second (third/twelfth) Mint as a good tracking system. And honestly, a barista-type day job wouldn't be so bad for a few months, even if it helps put your mind a little at ease about money. Doesn't mean it has to be forever, but I know that I like having at least some minor stability money-wise in addition to the Read more

8:28 PM

I'm not American so I can't offer much specific advice, but definitely get on Mint and check out Mr. Money Mustache if you want some motivation or strategies to get ahead. As long as you're not offended by him, he's an absolute gem :)

8:06 PM

You avoided driving when possible? You are the moral winner!

7:40 PM

Seconding, I use mint and it's been really helpful.

7:30 PM

I use it and found out some shocking shit about myself. I knew I spent a lot on my dog, but with daycare and vet care and great food, it is $350 per month. And I spend $800 per month on FOOD. I would have estimated like $400. Read more

7:10 PM

Mint is a great free app/service that keeps track of everything. The only scary part is that you have to input all of your account numbers, etc. so that it CAN track stuff.

6:38 PM

I wasn't part of the chorus claiming ya'll were wishing they were hurt, but you and other do seem to want to blame them for being on the road at all. I'm not familiar with Khloe's driving record, but I did live in New England for 10 years, and know that even the best, most experienced drivers can have trouble in such Read more

1:09 PM

I just wanted to point out something you may not know. The mental health community is trying to change the language of 'committed suicide' to 'died by suicide'. The change is to help reduce the stigma that people suffering from severe mental illnesses have 'committed' something shameful and are making 'selfish' Read more