Jan 10

Why would you drive a vehicle like this off road? All the lifted Jeeps I see are parked at Pottery Barn.

Oct 10

I was literally just thinking to myself why nobody suggested SPG (not sure you can get one under 10k anymore) and then I came across this post.

Oct 10

As long as they get rid of stupid volume knobs and replace it with a touch screen button, slider, or motion controls ill be happy. If they embed the volume controls within a menu ill camp outside a Volkswagen dealer till it releases with a blank check.

Sep 24

“...if I hammered the throttle, there was a tiny bit of hesitation before the electric thrusters shot the Taycan down the street.” Read more

Sep 20

Men of the internet: Stop saying it’s your wife’s idea to do something stupid, like taking a $4,000 penalty so you can buy an SUV. 

Sep 20

Letting all that happen for $4k is a really bad idea.

Sep 9

Sorry I can’t resist.......Seems as if they took the current design elements in a positive direction, and chose not to be static with the looks.