well fuck thee gently with a chainsaw
Sep 30

I’m watching it too, and I also wonder. But I’m a person who stopped going to my gym/yoga classes because it was all relentless positivity and ‘you can do anything if you just let go of your negativity’ and also had that ‘if you’re a victim its because you chose to be’ idea etc etc and all I wanted to do was be bendy Read more

Sep 17

I love the entire album but Exile is my dramatic emotional favorite also The 1 (capitalizing bc I can’t figure out how to do italics) made me sob bc it hit me right in the 32 year old chest. 

Sep 9

Things I’ve never done after getting drunk include: sexually assaulting someone, shooting someone, punching someone. And I think most guys I know fit into that, too. Any guy that does that, they’re just using the alcohol as an excuse, and count on that being their out.

Aug 20

He can pick up his shit and move the fuck away from me. What a ratfuck.

Aug 20

A few hours later, I asked my brother for “help” with my algebra homework. By the end of the night, he’d done my homework for me. Read more

Aug 17

My best friend of 40 years and I broke up over Pizzagate, Brexit, and Trump. For a while I tried to maintain the friendship, but then I realized that I didn’t really know her anymore, and couldn’t just give her a pass for her new ideologies. I wrote her a letter saying that I had to think about our friendship, because Read more

Aug 17

I work in a supermarket. I heard no less then four of her songs today.  I strongly agree with don't make her an enemy. 

Aug 17

Any time she tweets now, she gets an army of Karens in her mentions saying “I follow you for music not politics, I will never listen to your songs again” and whatnot. It brings me great pleasure to imagine them hearing one of her songs in the supermarket and turning incandescently red with rage.

Aug 17

Remember when Taylor Swift had a weird Nazi following and because she said nothing people began to assume things?  Boy I'm glad those days are over.

Aug 16

And even if she had been bandwagoning here, her tweets still would have been important! This message is one that needs to be signal boosted by everyone with a platform, so the 100th person that does it is just as important as the first! So many states (including important swings states like Michigan, Florida, and Read more

Aug 16

This and the Bella Hadid story a couple of weeks ago is click baity misogony. Also, and damn it I hate defending Swift because she kind of annoys me, she came out before this - in June in support of BLM and donated as well. This makes it sound like she bandwagoned on this. It’s misleading, lazy, and *unty reporting.

Aug 16

I feel like Jezebel has lately been more “bratty high schoolers share their hot takes on the news” and less “interesting perspectives on current events.” Read more

Aug 16

Yeah, fuck Taylor Swift for trying to get her fans to vote in a timely manner to have their voices heard, amirite? Who the hell does she think she is, being all influencing and popular and with a loud voice on social media, trying to get people involved so we don’t have another 4 years of Donald Trump. The unmitigated Read more