Jun 10 2019

I really like the world detail and what appears to be commentary on creeping privatisation of public services but my god do all the “cockney geeeeeeezzzeeer” accents make me want to rip my ears off. Read more

Apr 26 2017

How fucking boring that looked. Like christ it’s basically a prettier looking Medal of Honor: Frontline with even less content than earlier titles like CoD 2 and 3. Read more

Dec 30 2015

oooof I think 2015 for me is the year that we went overboard with listing the “best” everything. Read more

Nov 17 2015

I made one to look kinda like me, then I put a drivers cap and sunglasses on him...

...and he became a spitting image of my grandfather when he was younger.

Nov 16 2015

Here’s my guy. I tried to make him look as much like myself as possible. I failed miserably. (He’s much more handsome!)

Nov 16 2015

You merely adopted the Wastes. I was born in it, molded by it.