“Also references to Brexit” Read more

I really like the world detail and what appears to be commentary on creeping privatisation of public services but my god do all the “cockney geeeeeeezzzeeer” accents make me want to rip my ears off. Read more

[insert hand clapping emoji between each word] Read more

How fucking boring that looked. Like christ it’s basically a prettier looking Medal of Honor: Frontline with even less content than earlier titles like CoD 2 and 3. Read more

oooof I think 2015 for me is the year that we went overboard with listing the “best” everything. Read more

I'm pretty sure this is the definitive guide.

Let's get real: neither of those things are in danger of happening any time soon. Publishers run on money, and they make the most money in the holiday season. We all love video games, and to not buy the big video games we so often want to play is a pretty drastic step. Read more

I gave it a try for about 2-3 hours at the beta release. It was crap, and promptly uninstalled it right after. Read more

God bless the modding community. Read more

if i paid for it YES THE FUCK I AM. But since nobody knows yet we'll just wait it out. Read more

That evolve jump-rope is amazing and creative. Read more

I would like to see a Westwood and Bullfrog moba. Read more

Dissapointed. You can't have images of the Emirates without a picture of the concrete "Arsenal" sign with the N, A and L missing. Read more