I’d argue the some outer regions like Enfield, Surrey or East London but yeah you’re right. Majority of people who had those accents have move away from London or live just outside it.
I also have been skeptical about Watchdogs ever since the first blunder, but it’s London this time and it looks accurately portrayed Read more

How exactly does a Battle Royale mode work on this game? Overseer is meant to be the protector to all and help everyone survive. So why is everyone killing each other to be king. Doesn’t make any sense but I guess popularity and money talks.  Read more

Oh how badly I wish to be on that jury and to witness his demise. Read more

Even before they made a irl section, csgo was having a rapidly growing gambling problem and this prick didn’t help it. He was flagged for a reason and clearly broke the ToS. You only have to look at his playtime from two years ago to see how much time he wasted/promoted gambling.

There is a big difference between arresting than being charged for the crime. It’s big news but its not all true yet, it’s still under investigate. Read more

Ireland isn’t the British Isles you moron Read more

You just need a better gaming chair and a $3000 headset. Read more

You really did use the wrong tournament ‘HYPED’ up plays. This tournament, the casters and observers are applauding. Read more

It’s weird because I got this achievement while I was in Lexington swarmed by what felt like hundreds of ghouls. Read more

By the time this is available for android, I would have either forgotten about it or Fallout 4 would have been released and I no longer care for an app to pass the time. Why is it always so difficult to release something at the same time? It’s not like the operating systems are that greatly indifferent. :( Read more

While the initial bans placed are set to expire in one year's time, ESEA reserves the right to extend the bans indefinitely. Read more

When does big become too big? Read more

It was abit of fun, I created an account two years ago and it took them two years before I was able to play on it. I blame them entirely for this collapse since they couldn't open it to everyone quick enough. The hype was lost and there was no real drive to play. Read more

I've never seen that card before, is this something new? Read more

I'd be happy to take or trade that Dragon lore or if he has a M4 howl off his hands. Read more

I gotta love smn after he himself being banned for the same cheat others are using then decides to list all the opposed pro players using the same thing.
One thing I've always known is Germans are cheaters, can't take losing and wont admit or give out details to discredit their own.
I can't wait for Dreamhack and Read more

Looks sick but i really wish that mod would be complete.

I'd fund this in a heartbeat but I have this shaky feeling I wont ever get to see or let alone play it. Still its all very interesting concept art and idea's. Read more