Jun 15 2017

I’m really sorry that happened to you but the legal definition of forcible sodomy is not limited to anal penetration.

Jun 15 2017

Forcible sodomy can mean a lot of things, not just anal penetration. It could he tried to force her to touch or mouth his genitals in some way and excuse me now I need to take a shower.

Jun 8 2017

This. I have no problem with a 19 year old trying to assert and come into her own sexuality via fashion, she is an adult now after all, but she seems so concerned with being overtly ‘hot’ that she picks ill fitting trashy looking outfits and it makes her seem like a trashy girl looking for attention rather than a Read more

Jun 7 2017

You know they practically had erections at the thought of roughing up some teenagers over weed.

Jun 7 2017

You know, all the people who got insurance for their pre-existing conditions and had their birth control covered at no cost.

Jun 7 2017

What in the fuck dude, I would be breaking shit if this happened to my child. This is fucking molestation. Sue them for literally every penny they’re worth kids.

Jun 2 2017

I am glad to hear that! I liked parts of Amy Schumer’s new special but the Louis CK one was just like...what??? He’s definitely reached that pinnacle where he can say anything and even if it isn’t remotely funny people will laugh because it’s like ‘Ahh Louis CK did the thing!!!!!!’

Jun 1 2017

I would be the exact type of moron who like slices my lip open trying to devour that orb of sugary delight. I truly cannot have nice things.

May 30 2017

The lengths women will go to keep people from knowing that they poop knows no bounds. I just get into poop standoffs and sit there until whoever is in there with me leaves. They go a long time sometimes, the longest I’ve documented is 7 minutes.

May 26 2017

There are tiered accruals and once we hit 5 years with the company we start getting about 6 weeks not including sick days. New employees only get 9 days vacation though and it increases little by little until your 5 year anniversary

May 25 2017

I’ve seen people born in 81 classified as millennial on various news publications. But yeah your explanation makes a ton of sense.

May 25 2017

I, a millennial, take so much vacation. I get six weeks a year and we’re allowed to accrue up to I think like 3 consecutive months. I take smaller trips throughout the year and usually 2 full weeks off through the holidays. And I’m also lucky because my work actively encourages us to use it (they have to pay out if Read more

May 23 2017

Part of her shtick now is making videos where she watches or listens to other people’s music or YouTube videos and basically shits on them, trying to be funny. She has to try and do something since she can only ride the meme of herself so far.

May 23 2017

Every time the NBA playoffs come around I’m always like ‘Didn’t we like just do this?’ And then I remember that I’m conflating college ball with professional ball. Go sports!