Sep 29

Oh, yes.
Also, Warcraft 3 Reforged. Blizzard is an specialist now at advertising stuff that never appears on the finished product.

Sep 23

Agreed. Feast for Crows is actually my favorite, and I remember I couldn’t drop Dance, it consumed my life more than the three first books.
To each their own, I guess.

Sep 1

You had to go down if you wanted to end the main game, but the quests were really ambiguous about what you had to do. Some (The Halls of the Blind, Poisoned Water Supply) were just about walking and exploring the dungeon. But others (Ghardbad the Weak) are not that obvious, especially when you’re a kid.

Sep 1

There’s really no “right way” to game, it’s really what you prefer. And to those who say “Diablo is a bad example, you just have to go down!”, I can see you never had a mushroom in your inventory while you just stared, wondering what the hell is this for, or if you’re missing something in the dungeon or if the answer Read more

Aug 31

I find fascinating to read the comments here from people saying they’re not into these type of games, preferring more direction about how to play while, to me, a 34 year old guy who grew up playing the original Wasteland and a lot of other stuff that didn’t tell you how to play, this game sounds amazing. Read more

Aug 29

I have to say this, or I won’t forgive myself:
This is very normal in places like Venezuela (where I’m currently living; Chávez and later Maduro are allies of Lukashenko). There are many sites you can’t access normally, mostly news sites, media sites. If you know computer wizardry, you can get above such things, but Read more

Aug 26

Can I choose to not be China’s bitch? Because I’d like to not be China’s bitch.

Aug 19

As much as I want to believe, everything, every piece of news that comes out about this game just tells me this is going to be terrible.

Aug 11

How about an update to deal with all the 13 year olds and their flying bikes?

Aug 6

The game is very, very fun, but with a dozen caveats. Right now, the biggest hurdle is that some of the best content in the game must be played on public sessions, and EVERYONE has a stupid fucking flying bike, and they’re dedicated to ruin your game. Read more

Jul 18

Considering the game is usually filled with trolls using exploits and jetbikes to annoy people, I’m inclined to agree.”

The jetbikes have to go. Enough is enough.

Jul 3

Your post speaks right to my heart. Your story resonates so badly with my experience. Thank you.

Jun 23

“Sorry for the pain they have caused.”
Excuse me, but pain?
Fellas, I’m not an American, I live in a country where there’s racism but nothing like the actual stupid racism there is in the U.S.; and let me tell you, from an outsider’s perspective: you’re going at this wrong. Read more

May 13

See, this is my problem:
The ideology that this game portrays was applied in our real world, and it always degenerated into horrible oppression and corruption, and I’m talking from the experience, I’m not an American citizen (and yes, Donald Trump is a dickhead). Read more

Apr 13

So this means Salem’s Lot is going to suck major butt, huh? Dauberman can’t write to save his life. Lots of setpieces, very little story. Remember, folks, this dude wrote It Chapter Two, the Anabelle movies, the Nun and Curse of La Llorona. Read more