Nov 19

Hey, lets spread unfounded fear and panic for CLICKS!!!!

or... educate your fucking self and then make an effort to educate your readers.

this plane has been under more scrutiny, stem to stern, than any aircraft in the last 30 years. the software changes have been examined in an unprecedented level of detail.

the plane Read more

Oct 27

New Zealand has been bringing in 2nd-hand ‘Japanese Imports’ for decades, a win-win - good quality cars that would be crushed in Japan otherwise, to a country that does not have the economics of scale for a domestic vehicle vehicle manufacturing industry...

Oct 27

Oh this is easy. The top panel holds a crystal carafe and tumbler set. And the bottom panel reveals a mirror and storage tray for cocaine paraphernalia.

Oct 27

Point: this article

Counterpoint (brief):
(i) these cars’ ‘cradle to grave’ environmental / natural resources costs at the ‘front end’ (i.e., manufacturing) has already been ‘spent’, and
(ii) maybe an older car - that the locals can actually afford! - is safer than walking or riding a motorcycle in busy traffic, Read more

Oct 13

This isn’t just an issue with this article, it’s across the board. You guys link reviews from other car sites inside the reviews of the cars. That would be like the Washington Post posting a link to the same story in the New York Times. As if to say “here is a better article on the same subject.” That’s odd. It’s like Read more

Oct 11

Thank you for providing the context that the writer couldn’t be bothered to research. Instead of investigating the age and history of the actual ships, they just regurgitated quotes from the Reuters article, and threw in a bunch of tangential facts about Covid’s impact on the cruise industry. The ehole article is just Read more

Sep 15

As a 5th generation native Californian I expect I’ll have to leave at some point. I had family who lived in Paradise, CA and lost their home in the Camp Fire back in 2018. They’ve since moved out of state. For one, it’s damn near impossible to get fire insurance these days in many rural parts of CA. Many people who Read more

Sep 15

This likely has very little to do with the wildfires, and more to do with the fact that people are moving out of big cities in general. A lot of people in the Bay are working from home, some for the foreseeable future. If you’re working from home, you don’t need to be close to your office, so suddenly spending $3k/mo Read more

Sep 9

Man, I’m not a huge Donut fan, but after Alexi pointed out all the stolen content in their videos, I stopped watching them completely (which was already down to one video every few weeks). Read more