2/19/21 7:49PM

Yeah, if you’re advertising your product at 52% more than it actually costs (difference between $25k and $38k) you are going to lose a lot of business. It’s completely fucked how the prices of cars are to some extent just a big ol’ mystery (there’s the MSRP, the advertised price, the dealer’s sticker price, the Read more

2/19/21 7:23PM

How much toxicity is there really though? I hear all about Tesla stans and Elon stans but I’ve never seen any of the described worship on their subreddits besides the odd comment that rarely gets attention. Hell, the r/elonmusk sub even had that Space Karen meme as a top post for a while. Away from the 24/7 online Read more

2/19/21 5:04PM

Oh fck off. There seems to be a lag in why people think all who buy a Tesla is a raving stan: Read more

2/19/21 4:41PM

“Tesla sucks, buy this Chevy hatchback instead” is certainly a take that could only come from a writer on this site. Which is funny because Jalopnik LOVES to hate GM. 

2/19/21 3:28PM

GM makes a lot of these pricing mistakes. The ELR was similar. Launched at way too high MSRP, and by the time they dropped it, people already crossed it off the list as overpriced and will never consider it again. Read more

2/19/21 3:25PM

Yeah, the Bolt looked too much like a sub-$20k car in styling and consumers treated it as such (that’s why it sold way under MSRP in most cases). The styling of the new one looks better, but it’s kind of like putting lipstick on a pig as the overall shape still screams economy car. Read more

2/19/21 2:59PM

But mainstream culture is absolutely smitten with Tesla, for reasons that transcend logic.

2/19/21 2:43PM

““blindly brand loyal idiot who just wants to say they drive a Tesla for their social status and don’t actually care about having the best car.” Read more

2/19/21 2:31PM

Teslas sell well because, despite their flaws, they are better than the competition.

2/19/21 1:50PM

Nobody at GM really knows how EV drivers think. We want to be able to charge FAST. 7.7Kw isn’t going to do that. If you pay extra for “DC fast charging” it’s still broken down to just 50KW. GM is just pathetic and makes ugly unreliable cars.

2/19/21 1:08PM

This is really Chevy’s best bet to finally get people buying Bolts, because, as we’ve already seen with the perfectly fine first-gen Bolt, nobody really gives a rat’s rectum about them.” Read more

2/19/21 12:52PM

It also listed for the same price as the bottom trim Model 3 and was a much smaller vehicle. And while I don’t love the Model 3s design, the Bolt is arguably worse.

2/19/21 12:43PM

I mean, the first-gen Bolt had a few other things not going for it, mainly front seats that were terribly uncomfortable for a large portion of the population, not much luggage space, optional DCFC charging and slow compared to Tesla. Add on economy-car styling and reluctant dealers and it was a recipe for not-success. Read more

2/18/21 1:57PM

My current Bolt has no useful driver aid features other than collision warning. The Tesla is semi-autonomous.

2/18/21 1:34PM

Luxury is more than just the quality of the dashboard’s material. When it comes to a comparison sheet between two cars it lists specs and features. Read more

2/18/21 1:12PM

I own a Tesla and a Chevy Bolt and there is no reason to think that Tesla is basing their pricing around Chevy’s. The cars are in a completely different league from each other. The Bolt has an adequate drivetrain but the interior is cheap and the ride is poor. The Bolt is an economy hatchback and Tesla makes luxury Read more

1/07/21 7:28PM

I think there’s a disconnect between reality and what people envision that wealth to be. Read more