11/14/20 7:31PM

@curbwatching Wrong - AP was disabled 40 seconds before the crash(due to FCW warning) and after AP was disabled driver stepped on the accelerator hard enouhg to accelerate to around 130mph (btw.: AP doesnt work beyond 90mph)

8/20/20 9:40AM

People need to realize that having X billions worth of stocks is very different from having X billions in a bank account. Just as stock prices went up, they can go down - for long-term stock owners like Elon the current value of those stocks doesnt have a significant effect.

8/20/20 9:36AM

Who left the South Africa at the age of 17 to avoid serving in the SA military...

6/29/20 9:43PM

€100 per car per every gram of CO2 over the fleet average limit - we are talking potentially paying billions € per year for large manufacturers like FCA, VW, etc.

2/23/20 5:18AM

Not really - building new battery factories just take time and some producers have underestimated demand growth, so they didnt start building new battery factories soon enough.

2/13/20 2:35PM

FCA signed a contract with Tesla to buy all oftheir EU CO2 credits for (IIRC) 3 years.

2/03/20 10:42AM

Growing (or even keeping your marketshare) and not paying big fines for excessive fleet emissions in markets like EU or China is getting increasingly harder without EVs.

1/24/20 5:05AM

Finding a Grand Slam on your construction site would be wayyyy worse.

1/24/20 5:04AM

Fortunately for Tesla owners, Supercharger network is really good (much better in most places than Ionity), so this wont effect Tesla owners all that much. Other OEMs will have to find reasonable solutions for their customers.

12/31/19 2:43PM

The study those claims are based off is outdated, claims about the need to replace the battery pack after 100K miles is a complete nonsense (unless Mazda has the worst EV tech in the world) - in practice these claims are a mix of outright lies and misleading/obsolete data.

12/31/19 1:41PM

The issue with range is that its non static- here are factors that significantly boost my renge requirement just for my 60 miles roundtrip commute: Read more

12/31/19 1:32PM

Mazda either has the worst EV technology available (since their argument assumes a battery pack replacement after 100K miles), or they are making really bad excuses for their design decisions that cripple the range of their EVs. Read more

12/19/19 2:40PM

They are free to consider it a penalty for cheating on emissions (VW wasnt alone, it was just the worst offender). Read more

12/18/19 9:32PM

I am sure they would gladly keep making them, but only if those consumers were willing to pay €10-15K extra for fines that car maker would have to pay for each of those cars...

11/30/19 8:43PM

When Tesla was finishing Model S design, current standard (CCS) didnt exist yet and they (just like almost everyone else) didnt want to use CHademo (only Nissan is now using it). As a result, Tesla made its own DC QC charging “standard”. Read more

11/30/19 8:35PM

Hydrogen is not viable because buying it it is like buying $7/gallon gasoline. EVs at least compensate a little bit for their higher cost by having lower-than-ICE-vehicles cost per mile. Read more