Thursday 5:56PM

Yup. From manufacturing flaws to quality control issues, the KC-46A is a piece of crap. The refueling boom stereoscopic monitors work so poorly they can’t even see the tip of the boom on-screen. Read more

Thursday 1:05PM

Then when the court challenges fail, they try an insurrection attack on the USPS building in Washington DC.

Monday 7:38PM

Haven’t accomplished a damn thing in our lives? I once did that thing where you put a pile of coins on your elbow and swing your hand down to catch them, and I’m pretty sure I got, like, 75% of those coins. A lot clattered under the couch, but still. Checkmate. 

6/07/21 8:45AM

Being a reformed VW fanboy, it’s funny to see some of the first comments here. Some answers for the culturally uninformed: Read more

5/12/21 1:23PM

him though, even when provoked you can’t hit a woman. them’s the rules. everyone knows them

4/29/21 9:43AM

I would add that the tailgate is absolutely not correct for 1964. It looks like something from the 1980's.

4/28/21 4:57PM

And here I am thinking I’m Mr. Big Spender because I had a sandwich artiste create a bespoke ham on 9-grain for lunch today.

4/22/21 10:54AM

Can we all take a moment to appreciate just how well this image summarizes the entire article?

4/18/21 2:16PM

Did it take the fire department four hours to put out the fire from that crash?  Was there nobody in the driver’s seat?  Can you see how the two are different?

4/18/21 1:17PM

Sure, but they don’t take four hours to put out...

4/15/21 8:18AM

Great, now I’m going to have dreams about a pair of drunken aliens chasing a tiny hula dancer.