Jul 26 2019
My First M2 Chase

Stopped by Walmart today to check out the Hot Wheels. Not much in stock, and it was definitely picked over. Wandered

Jun 16 2019
Item Not For Resale

I know someone who recently did a some handyman work for a Mattel employee. As an extra token of appreciation for

May 31 2019
Indy 500 HAWL

I’ve lived in Indiana (almost) my whole life, and this year was my first Indy 500. We went to both Legends Day on

May 4 2019
Derby Day

I found this Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe at a flea market in Louisville a few weeks ago. First time I had ever seen a

Feb 15 2019
Day Off = Big Hawl

Stopped by a couple of Walmarts this morning since I was off work today and found a few goodies.

Dec 15 2018
Anything for a Buck

I’ve seen swapped cars at Walmart, but I didn’t realize people actually create counterfeit errors. Geez!

Nov 16 2018
Cool Error

I dropped into Target to check the pegs after work, and I found the whole Circuit Legends set. I had to buy one

Sep 22 2018
Auction HAWL

A local auction company had several lots of Hot Wheels and other diecast recently. I bid on a several lots and came

Mar 22 2018

When I was there last weekend, it was obvious they weren’t restocking any diecast. I may pop in today just to check

Mar 25 2017
Walmart HAWL

After seeing other folks post about the F&F cars showing up at their Walmart, I stopped in this morning to take a

Mar 10 2017
TRU Smawl Hawl

Stopped by TRU on the way home from work and found few goodies. I don’t watch Supernatural, but I like these

Mar 9 2017
Special Delivery

My Datsun Bluebird 510 arrived today. This is the first KDays collector car I’ve gone after. Very impressive too.

Feb 18 2017
K-Day Outcome

First, let me say my K-Day was a success. I was lucky enough to get a case to open. It had all 4 Kmart exclusives

Feb 15 2017
AUTOart Deal

I just discovered Massdrop recently. Here’s the concept: several people commit to purchase as a group, so the

Feb 2 2017
OverHAWL 1/3

Enginerrrrrrrrr was liquidating some of his collection on eBay, so I picked up a few things. Is it possible to over