Dec 17 2018

What to do with that info. Hmmm. Household income of $79k means you can rent a fairly decent apartment, or maybe a starter home built since the Ford administration if you scrimp enough, and drive a car that was built in this decade and maybe take the family to Chili’s once a month. At the other end of the 22% bracket, Read more

Oct 5 2018

Its not just a car.  There is a trailer, extra parts, fuel, tires, and tools.  trailer weight adds up fast.

Oct 3 2018

Why even write about this? Are we going to ruin Javy Baez’s life over what he did 35 minutes ago? Plus, three of his best buddies on the Cubs said they didn’t remember any interference.

Sep 23 2018

Or the Colts figured they should put Jacoby Brissett in there for a low percentage play that requires chucking the ball 70 yards. Not because they don't trust Luck's shoulder, but because Brissett has a cannon and there is absolutely zero finesse required for the play.

Sep 13 2018

No because they never take our advice and always buy boring stuff instead you’ll just be disappointed

Sep 7 2018

Ford under Fields and Hackett are making, almost point-for-point, the same mistakes that US automakers made in the 80s and 90s, by ignoring its weak points and focusing on a narrowing market sector that it knows it can corner:
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