Apr 15 2015

Suffragette is accurate for the time period. It's the term most associated with the British women's suffrage movement. Remember the Mary Poppins song, "Sister Suffragette"?

Oct 30 2014

Hmmm, I live in NorCal hippie-vile and was surprised to see how red our state was. Then I remembered Southern California. Up north, it's all about fugly earth shoes and the like. (Obvious exception being San Francisco power-players and maybe the Real Housewives of Walnut Creek(TM) or whatever. )

Oct 30 2014

Is anyone actually surprised that Lena made a t-shirt benefitting Planned Parenthood and got lots of celebrities to wear it & show their endorsement of said organization & Jezebel commenters still make it all about criticizing her? Check out the misplaced focus!

Oct 30 2014

It's the shirt on her book tour. She's turning a shirt about herself to a shirt about Planned Parenthood.

Sep 8 2014

Honestly, Matt, I'm not sure if the many flavors of fucked up are so endemic to the NFL that the "bad" people can be replaced without dismantling the league, or making such radical changes that it would turn into something fans don't recognize. Read more

Aug 14 2014

I don't agree with you, but you've your freedom of assembly. Just don't be surprised as those assembled decrease in number over time. Read more

Aug 14 2014

But do you really think people don't "get" the concept that "money doesn't buy happiness" at this point? It doesn't seem new or compelling to me at all. Read more

Aug 14 2014

That's not what I said at all. I said that having money objectively makes many aspects of life easier, and to pretend otherwise is insulting to people struggling with boredom/loneliness on top of not having a house.

Jul 28 2014

Yeah, my niece is 12 and she's been sitting in the front seat for quite awhile. It's based on height and weight, but typically kids meet those requirements by age 12. Not to defend this woman, but let's focus on what's really wrong here.

Jul 19 2014

I wanted to say something longer or more emphatic. When the in-laws (or, God forbid, my parents) say something about how he won't "let" me do something, I feel the overwhelming need to show everyone that, if I can conceive, carry, and deliver a baby ... allowing him to participate in naming it is a courtesy I'm Read more

Jul 19 2014

I remember reading a book set in a matriarchal society where one character commented to a foreigner, "We trace lineage through the mother's side. One can never be certain who the father is." It was a throw-away line, but it's stuck with me for decades.

That being said, I kept my name when I got married because I'm Read more

Jun 25 2014

I'd like to see evidence that these cultures were accepting of gay people and equality for women before meeting Europeans.

Jun 25 2014

It's not about cultural sensitivity. It's about a history of colonization and colonial interference. A lot of the increased conservatism in many countries doesn't have as much to do with culture as it has to do with a reaction to Western supremacist attitudes. After a long history of the West telling other parts of Read more

May 29 2014

Having the freedom to do something does not require others to support you in doing so. You may self identify however you want. You have that freedom. You do not have the freedom from criticism for your appropriative and/or harmful choices, if they are either of those. Read more

Apr 7 2014

I think you (and others) will probably turn out to be right in the long term, and I appreciate that you took the time to actually explain something that happened in the show instead of just saying, "No, you're wrong, and you should just watch this thing that keeps giving you a very strong negative emotional reaction Read more