Mar 11

It was one of your articles a while back that suggested drinking a mug of warm water first thing upon waking up in the morning. I’ve been doing that since and my morning movements have been better since. Read more

Jan 15

The last few years have been chaotic for sure, but not “put your pizza under a faucet” chaotic. The guy who came up with that is entropy incarnate.

Jan 11

Am I the only one who thinks it would make the most sense for the cheese section to be the last one, so that it actually gets something of a seal?

Jan 11

Maybe the real tasered balls were the friends we made along the way?

Dec 21

Thank you so much! I’m definitely going strong. The fact that I did it in 2020 of all years is probably a pretty good sign!

Dec 21

buddy if it’s one thing i’ve learned about cocaine addicts over the years it’s that they don’t mind doing it alone in the house.

Dec 21

This is definitely a shock for me. I guess I’ve been sorta looking up to him as a fellow very nervous person who’s got it all together, more or less. For some reason this was the year for me where I finally managed to stay sober (after spending the greater part of 2019 hopped up on speed). And boy howdy, was it Read more

Dec 18

The article is about being spat on. I would love to see the stats on disease transmission through...what would the term be...”ground spit”? Read more

Dec 17

“The two biggest red flags someone has an alcohol problem is hiding the consumption from others, and relying on alcohol to get through the day,” Martha Duke, a spokeswoman for the sobriety support network Recovering Out Loud told Page Six Read more

Nov 12

the rich and powerful are really showing their “earn profit at all costs no matter what, and if you don’t scream poverty” asses lately.
Read more

Nov 12

I mean, I get where this dipshits head is at. “Lets charge the people with jobs so that we can give that money to the people without jobs”. So he’s assuming that everyone who works from home is fucking rolling in cash and is actually able to afford their lives? There are plenty of people who can’t. Read more

Mar 10 2015

What about for our friends in India? Is there a setting for allowing drivers to drive on whatever side of the road they damn well please?