THIS is what space smells like:

A new study published by Aiden and Luna from Mrs. Kendall’s class indicates that spreading your vegetables around your plate makes it appear as if you have consumed 68% more than if you just leave them in a pile.

“Biting into these nuggets was like driving a Mack Truck over a Zalto glass,” she writes, “and yet each shell still managed to retain the faintest bounce, distantly reminiscent of the texture of tahdig.” Read more

You forgot the most important thing! Perhaps its considered old-fashioned nowadays, but I was raised to never show up to stay at someone’s house without a gift for my host. Flowers, a bottle of wine, some nice soaps, a loaf of bread I baked that day... just something to say thank you for the hospitality. Read more

Look, give them a break, they’ve tried nothing and are all out of ideas!

Ever since I bought my Dyson V10 motorhead, I wont ever go back. Its cordless and it sucks up the cat hair like nothing Ive ever seen. Im so in love with that vacuum that I’ve convinced three other people to buy one because of how much I talk about it. 

Most of this is not really about bagged vs. bagless at all. A lot of it is just about buying a good vacuum cleaner vs. a shitty one. Read more

And isn’t the girl in that video clip an actual porn star?

lol just watch real porn. 

Applebee’s menu and lean don’t belong in the same paragraph. 

Excellent! Now do tub drains please.

“Close your eyes and think of England”

It was one of your articles a while back that suggested drinking a mug of warm water first thing upon waking up in the morning. I’ve been doing that since and my morning movements have been better since. Read more

The last few years have been chaotic for sure, but not “put your pizza under a faucet” chaotic. The guy who came up with that is entropy incarnate.

This person belongs in prison.

What about for our friends in India? Is there a setting for allowing drivers to drive on whatever side of the road they damn well please?