Cat VonAwesome
Dec 25 2014

It is 9pm on Christmas day and someone just started jack hammering into the sidewalk or maybe street a few doors down about 2 hours ago. The whole house is vibrating. IDEK what kind of emergency could be happening that required this to happen RIGHT NOW. Read more

Jul 19 2014

I'm heading out to San Diego on Monday. (Yes, early because I need some big girl vaca time.) I know there's some

Jul 9 2014

Today was my pre-op appointment for a minor, out patient surgery I'm having next week.

Jun 25 2014
Witches of East End

Well, I have made a huge mistake and started watching Witches of East End over the weekend. It is fairly terrible

Apr 15 2014
Neil Degrasse Tyson

His talk was amazing last night. So glad we decided to wait it out in the rain to get in. It was hosted by Tulane

Apr 14 2014

In line to see Neil Degrasse Tyson speak at Tulane university! He just poked his head out the door. People squealed like he's in a boy band. Read more

Apr 8 2014

Pray to the old gods and the new that someone in my group gets a room. I'm far too stressed out by work and life to

Jan 20 2014

So, I can post a comment to an article entry, but not reply to any comments. :(

Nov 11 2013

My interwebs at home have only been up for 2 out of the past 7 days. The explanation: All the upgrade work they're doing to bring themselves to pre-Katrina standards and ensure no more outages. Isn't it ironic moment...this is the first time I've had trouble with outages in 7 years of being a customer. I mean I did Read more