Apr 6 2015

Agreed, it’s tough to bash a colleague, and equally tough to say someone shouldn’t get another chance. However, all signs point to the idea that Erdely knowingly cooked her story to achieve a narrative that was desired before the facts were researched (or attempted, somewhat lazily, to be researched). Sloppy reporting Read more

Apr 6 2015

It took me an extra hour to get this post done because I got utterly wrapped up in Googling "Red Sox Wedding Cakes"

Apr 6 2015

Rolling Stone is still saying she’s an excellent reporter who will continue to write for them, but I do agree with you — I’m not sure how any of that is going to work.

Apr 6 2015

That’s what people are speculating but this is one of those situations, I think, where the symbolism of disassociating the Magazine from her would actually mean something. Wenner saying she will write for the magazine again is a vote of confidence in her, even if she never actually does.

Apr 6 2015

Well, Wenner has publicly stated that he would hire Erdely again. So... he might, he might not, but he didn’t have to make that statement. Read more

Mar 25 2015

I don't care what someone says in the chat window, as long as they keep *trying* to play the game, and I think that's the way most people feel. Unfortunately, it's when people decide to go off on their own, or afk at spawn, that ruins games. Read more

Mar 24 2015

Many people get stuck in the fashion era that they were first an adult. Many, many men of his age wear too big suits and the wrong shoes.