Nobody is crying any tears for this poor, beleaguered white girl who was handed a music career based on her whiteness, while a few people tried to steer her away from the cultural appropriation she so needed to commit. Fuck her. Read more

Does this make you feel better? Make you feel righteous? The man is dead.
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I’m getting real sick of all the #TeamNoone posts. You don’t have to like Black Chyna, but you should definitely be on her team. Rob committed crimes against her, robbing her of her bodily autonomy.
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I find the people saying that it can’t be revenge porn because she has posted racy pictures of herself before to be disgusting. Read more

If he had the Target Red Card, he could have saved 5%, and his bail would only be $950,000. Read more

Watching this again I just gotta say: I am sick of representing those with extreme eating disorders with great skin and hair. Lily Collins has THICK lovely hair. You want to represent someone with an eating disorder without accidentally glamorizing it and falling into some pro-ana nonsense? Show the thin ass hair Read more

“Posting is essential to the survival of the republic.”

“the book?”

As my instructors in the Navy used to note : Read The Full Question, also known as RTFQ, or an answer could also be noted : Answer The Full Question. Replace the “F” as needed. Read more

Things the helpful woman wrote in her post: Read more

maybe the fbi wiretapped manaforts apartment... Read more

“The silliness of the term ‘massive nonprofit’ being employed to denote power aside...” Read more

It’s quite a distinction and a glaring inaccuracy. If Jezebel is going to report on news then they have a responsibility to report the news accurately. This is how misinformation gets spread which is a problem for a lot of us but especially for immigrants where there are so many people willing to exploit their lack Read more

Mother always asks him to be home for dinner by 5pm and the exciting stuff just always seems to happen when he’s at home, doing chores and clearing the table! Mother is such a stickler. Read more

Pence. Man, he’s always being left out. *kicks dirt* Read more

Ellie> I’d email you this tip, but I’m lazy. Read more

Why do they all look like they work at Dunder-Mifflin? Read more

He might agree to that, so long as the press corps were willing to use his ‘alternative rulers’ for measuring Read more