I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess the Vikings don’t have particularly fond feelings for Blair Walsh. Read more

I mean one of them is a threat to every man, woman and child on the planet; while also being the worst President we have ever had. Read more

If the debates end up with these two it will likely just be them ramming each other with their Rascal scooters. Read more

Every American who reads or comments on this site is a Democrat whether they self-identify as one or not. They. Are. Us. Read more

What dream? Buying a bunch of cars that you’re not driving and you’re probably not even looking at them much anymore because they’re all jammed together? I appreciate cars, but not when they’re just tossed in a shed and nothing is done with them. I’d rather have 10 cars in good running order that I can enjoy than 250 Read more

Fun Fact: Every single Outback Steakhouse that has ever existed within the city limits of Seattle has gone out of business. Read more

I’m into interval training.  I like to alternate between 1,000-meter runs and, well, 2019, so far. Read more

Go to a boozy brunch in midtown. Find the woman who has said these two things Read more

It makes me very happy to peer into my garage gym and ruminate on how assembling everything in there cost about as much as 3 months of a Crossfit or fancy gym membership. Sometimes, when I’m really feeling frisky, I’ll even grab a rag and wipe off some of the dust. Read more

12? Weakling. I do 16 oz curls every night. Occasionally 19.2 even, or if the wife is out of town and no one is looking very closely at the convenience store so I can delude myself into thinking no one sees me grabbing a bottle of Steel Reserve, multiple 40 oz sets.
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I do 12 oz. curls every night.  Multiple reps and sets. Read more

I think a “chunkier Reese Witherspoon” is called a Reese’s Witherspoon. Read more

Tin soldiers and Trump’s comin’ Read more

I appreciate how this bold young man is calling Ross out on the mission of the charity. It’s like: Read more

These owners really need to stick to sports. Read more

*Glass breaking sound*

“BAW GAWD It’s Bernie Sanders! And he’s riding a zamboni!” Read more

“Welcome to modern day McCarthyism” —Guy who red-baits over slightly left-ish policies.
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Hah, this made my day! I hope you are doing well! This place misses your presence. Read more