Jun 6 2017

It looks like Kramer’s grip on his arms is the only thing keeping Jerry from floating awkwardly away.

May 31 2017

Imagine having such a great opportunity to learn and grow (visiting that museum) and instead deciding to continue on being a hateful, cowardly, disgusting bigot. What a sad and pathetic life.

May 31 2017

Hacks with props make me pine for George Carlin ever so much. He would crucify Trump 111 ways to Sunday with only a mike, stool and glass of water. Read more

May 27 2017

It’s funny that you name Andy Wood. Did you know what Mother Love Bone was before Pearl Jam or Temple of the Dog? I know they had some following in the northwest, but is Andy Wood really one of your musical heroes?

May 26 2017

Jesus, Trump. You are presumably the leader of the free world. Learn how to give a dignified handshake. Cringing. Read more

May 17 2017

Jones isn’t cultured enough to appreciate good yogurt.

May 14 2017

“What brings us together is that we are very scared, highly unintelligent; both intellectually and emotionally, extremely bigoted, wrong, and soon to be forgotten very quickly.”
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May 10 2017

I’m jealous, I’m well out of college and didn’t know anything about your school till after I graduated, but it seems like a really cool place with a really great educational philosophy.

May 4 2017

That’s a fair sentence. Jonathan should have kept his hands clean, instead, he had his hand in her pocket, uninvited. Oh, well; you live, you learn.

May 1 2017

Jonathan Cheban’s face makes me feel weirdly uncomfortable. Like it didn’t turn out completely right. (I also feel this way about Tiffany Trump’s face, so maybe it’s just me?)

Apr 26 2017

This makes me sad. Denial is a hell of a drug. It really is an amazing thing. I was a drug addict and lost my car and was evicted and finally came clean to my parents, no pun intended. When I told them I was an addict they would *not* believe me. We fought for days. They just couldn’t handle the news. Read more

Apr 7 2017

We have an anonymous support group that meets every week on Tuesdays.

Mar 3 2017

I’d give anything, everything. to have a romantic partner who feels that way about me. I’ve never made it past three dates, so the idea that one person could see me and *KNOW* she wants to marry me, it just beyond conception.