Carson McCrullers

Dubious politics aside, Van Der Beek’s video is your run-of-the-mill diatribe by the heretic in your Political Science 101 class Read more

I think it was actually (allegedly) with an associate producer who works with the Try Guys -- her fiance is the one who posted about it on Reddit. Read more

I suspect that’s why Ned’s instagram post makes a point to refer to his cheating as “a consensual workplace relationship;” that is absolutely lawyer-speak. Read more

But what I’m saying is, the fact that she was put under a conservatorship AT ALL is largely due to the fact that she was her family’s cash cow. Lots of people are bipolar/behave erratically and are still allowed to control their own bank accounts and make their own life decisions (and aren’t forcibly medicated). Read more

They clearly both need professional help. The thing that strikes me about the Britney/Kanye parallel, though, is that even when that dude was shooting off batshit instagram posts every day and literally threatening to kill people, nobody ever tried to put Kanye under a conservatorship. I wonderrrrrr what the Read more

“if her father didn’t interfere she would be broke.” I mean, maybe that’s true, but I think we all know he didn’t do that out of the goodness of his heart — Britney had been his meal ticket since she was on the Mickey Mouse Club. So if she lost all her money, he lost all his money. Read more

Man, I remember when copy editing was an entire job that people could make a living doing. Can we bring that back? Read more

I know it’s generally rude to mock things people can’t control, but I make an exception for hateful sociopaths. The carefully sculpted facial hair is fooling no one into believing you have a jawline, Andrew Read more

oh he picked that developing country for specific reasons — IIRC, he said in a video (now-deleted, of course) that it was because “it’s easier to be absolved of rape charges in Eastern Europe” Read more

Yeah some of these comments are really turning my stomach. Fuck people who prey on children, and fuck people who condone it because “boys like sex hurrr dur dur” Read more

This kid was past puberty and thus sexually mature, and there was likely no power imbalance since even at 13 he was probably at least as strong as her Read more

Yeah, but that’s the fun thing about the English language — there are often many words you could choose to describe a concept, so the word you actually choose can add a layer of meaning in and of itself. Since you helpfully suggested looking up the use of the word, here it is: Read more

I hope you aren’t talking about that stupid math teacher who thought mocking Native cultures was a good way to “engage” her students, but also I kind of hope you are referring to that, because I would truly love to hear someone attempt to defend that mess. Read more

Why are you trying to focus on hypothetical extenuating circumstances that (for all you know) might not be relevant at all? If there were financial factors that would preclude her sister from caring for their child, don’t you think the LW would have mentioned those very salient details? Read more

100%! Consequences are the only way to handle Trump’s toddler-level interrupting. If someone refuses to follow the well-known and very straightforward rules of a debate, they need to have their mic cut and the camera switched to the other candidate. He’d throw a tantrum, but at least the television audience wouldn’t Read more

Would it be better if she wound up dead because some cop with ‘roid rage saw her move her hand and shot her? It seems weird in hindsight, but if I were her I would’ve done the same Read more

My guess is that she was (reasonably) afraid that any movement of her arm/hand would result in her getting shot/blown up by some kind of military-grade RPG Read more

Except her husband works in the same (relatively small) field as she does, and is a vocal critic *of her boss*. This is absolutely not the same thing as asking a female artist or athlete “what does your husband think of your career?” Read more

No reason aside from her amply-demonstrated need to always be on the radar, i guess Read more

I am LOL at this poem about Vernon. Vernon! The city with no residents but a ton of office buildings, factories, storage facilities, and train tracks. Whose motto is literally “Exclusively Industrial. Read more