Zombie Cucumber
10/28/19 11:25AM

They know you’re running the football, so you lose three, four yards, so that wasn’t even in our process as coaches to think about that.
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10/25/19 1:04PM

So I am speaking from long experience when I say that the Washington bandwagon is very likely to be the most insufferable one ever to come rolling down the pike. Read more

10/24/19 3:18PM

I am starting to think that maybe the Bears shouldn’t have traded up to draft Trubisky.  I’m going to give him another week or two, but folks, this may end up being a little embarrassing for my favorite teams front office.  Will keep you all updated.

10/13/19 1:10PM

I know exactly how he feels. There was this media company I liked that was bought by sociopathic hedge fund vampires who paid themselves obscene salaries while running the company into the ground.

10/11/19 9:51AM

Possibly a more pressing question: what are you doing snooping on your partner's phone?

10/11/19 9:45AM

sorry but what kind of non-porn website has porn pop-ups?

10/08/19 11:56AM

Though there’s more than a year to go before the November 2020 presidential election, the stock market has already started to reflect the ramifications of Elizabeth Warren potentially capturing the White House.
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10/08/19 10:40AM

I like Richard Sherman - I don’t think he’s asking too much to have a respectful handshake before the game. Why not?

10/07/19 7:40PM

I’m a 51 year old man who owns a lightsaber, several droids, a robotic dinosaur, and at least 3 pairs of Star Wars boxers - one of which I am currently wearing. Read more

10/06/19 7:00PM

I hope he’s OK. Not the least because if he is, he’s now the mayor of Buffalo pursuant to their municipal code. 

10/06/19 6:51PM

I hadn't noticed the "Free The Juice" sign in the background.

1/13/15 8:02AM

Pro-Tip from a fairly new parent; kids do not take a lot of time, they take all of it. Read more