Lemon Merangutan
8:47 PM

That particular fake tattoo is... not very inspired, BUT if you had really cool looking ones that incorporated the couple’s name and wedding date, it could make for really cute wedding reception candid photos. Like for a heavily tattooed couple who are displaying ink, if thier straitlaced looking moms were flexing

9:55 PM

Taylor Swift, just like, her face has always had this unpleasantly waspy pinch to it and old neighbors of mine 10 years ago would go out on their balcony to caterwaul along with her songs, and everything she does or says seems suspiciously plotted.

5:52 PM

To be honest, i have no idea what the flower is, they grow wild all along the sides of the dirt road I was on

2:32 PM

I think we only ate peanut butter and jam (strawberry or raspberry rarely blueberry) My mom didn’t buy jelly, only jam. Sometimes someone would make us crabapple jelly but that's more of a standalone, and it seems wrong in my mind to put it with peanut butter. 

2:17 AM

Nothing in this video is lies, but while we do go out for a rip, a lot of the other stuff is specific to Ontario. We also might ask for a rip off someones smoke.

7:19 PM

I’m from a small town in New Brunswick, Canada and the things that come to mind are Goin’ for a Tour, Buzz on, Crit, Shit show, Look at the head on it, Giv’er, and just generally calling everyone “Bud”.

8:00 PM

Mine is really really atrociously mean spirited because my sister and I are secretly jerks behind everyone’s back, but here it is:

11:50 PM

I think depending on where you live, it’s weirder that I have had celebrity run ins than that you haven’t.

9:27 AM

Traffic circles. Now, I don’t drive, so it’s not navigating the traffic circles that pisses me off, it’s that my small city (population under 60000) has decided to plan so many new traffic circles that they’ve run out of money in that budget, and now have to postpone the construction, but they don’t have traffic

8:20 PM

I work for the biggest tax prep company, and I’m awesome at it (like national recognition awesome) and the biggest misconception would be that I am an accountant. It’s not even a job requirement that I be good at math.

5:26 PM

Nobody responded beyond a few likes, so I actually don’t know if it was just my sister and I laughing uncomfortably behind our cousin’s back, or if it was everyone else too. I should say that my extended family are Catholics and reformed Catholics, so I think many of them do actually believe the Monty Python every

12:54 PM

My sister and I were private messaging each other like “Should one of us ask her to pls leave our Dad’s semen out of this...?"

7:44 AM

There were generations where western women were convinced that breastfeeding was disgusting or low class. My Grandmother fed her 12 a homemade concoction involving boiling cows milk and adding vitamins, while my good friend’s Grandmother fed her babies goat milk with nothing done to it, all the kids involved survived.

12:46 AM

If my bedroom door was closed when I was falling asleep, then I was pretty sure there would be a Frankenstein on the other side of it, waiting, should I need to get up to pee. And also all blankets needed to be pulled up to the neck, because otherwise Edward Scissorhands would be able to slice me up.

6:27 PM

CAN YOU NEATLY BOX UP ALL OF THE TRASH FOR HER?... seal it with packing tape and tell her you spotted some stuff she forgot, and thought you would be helpful

8:07 AM

Ok, so series 5 and 6 are the worst of all of them but relative to a lot of the other bullshit I watch, they’re fine. It’s just that they made the “Tony/Effie: everyone is in love with meee” equivalent character a repressed pansexual non-gender conforming victim of bullying in series 5, but then abruptly dropped the

1:20 PM

My youngest has a name that consistantly makes doctors and dentists expect an elderly patient. He loves his name though and has no patience for me when I joke about changing it (Does anyone else troll thier children by suggesting legal name changes, or is that just me?)