Maurice Joseph
Aug 12 2018

In 1919, Franklins were miles more advanced than other cars in their class. The air-cooled motors required what was state-of-the-art metallurgy, and in a time when water cooled motors regularly either boiled-over or froze, an air-cooled motor was able to start and run in ANY temperature, which made them hugely popular Read more

Aug 12 2018

You’ve got the wrong idea. This is an Intrepid motorist.

Jul 26 2018

He currently drives a Mini, if he’s in the country club scene I don’t think he cares what those people think. If he went European he’d have to buy used because $60k won’t get much more than a mid-range 340xi or base C43. This is a new dad, so not only needing a new car but also dealing with all the extra expense of Read more

Jul 26 2018

At this point, we can make some reasonable assumptions about Toyota’s production timeframe: Read more

Jul 25 2018

The 3.0L V8 is the same external size as the 4.0 and 4.4.  Same block, just different displacement.  Anything involving the timing chains is a ordeal on these engines.

Jul 20 2018

As somebody that exclusively buys high-mileage BMW’s with zero service records (because I’m cheap and can’t afford nice enthusiast-owned cars), here’s what I do immediately after buying a car: Read more

Jul 19 2018

Boeing already did something similar way back. Plus it was unsanctioned which make it bad asser.

Jul 14 2018

Eh, I’d pick the throw up one, because it doesn’t seem like I’d actually have to do anything. I could just keep on living my life, never using my power, or maybe only throwing up small, extremely rare Lamborghini parts for some spending cash every once in a while. 

Jul 6 2018

But the Suburban is moving 8 people. If we want to move 8 people with a Prius, you need either 2 trips or 2 Priuses. Passenger miles per gallon isn’t really conducive when combining the fuel mileages; so instead, we can use gallons per 100 passenger miles (the 100 is so that we don’t end up with super small numbers Read more