Maurice Joseph
Jul 24 2018

2nd generation Dodge Durango with P100D Tesla Power pack. SUV with .29 drag coefficient, stable body because battery pack should help balance out top heavy. Sit back and enjoy instant torque and no fill-ups.

Jun 12 2018

Nah. Volvo will get “Acceptable,” and then the following year “Good” without so much as a scratch on the windshield. They’ll say they managed to get diamond coated windshield technology and will put it in the safety package for $1500 more. Isn’t that how it works these days?

Jun 2 2018

It wasn’t running. Notice it was moving at glacial speed and there was no engine noise? That’s because, if I’m not mistaken, it was sent rolling down hills to feign propulsion.

Jun 1 2018

But, I get what they’re trying to do... Sure, the situation is extremely mundane, but it makes sense. Plenty of people I know, including myself, don’t like driving between semi trucks. That’s a lot of wind coming off a box moving at 60+ mph. I’ve been in vehicles that have been tossed about by them. Hell, a car Read more