Oct 9

Because when the shit hits the fan, you have more payment flexibility. Because used car financing is not that cheap.
Because investment returns are not guaranteed, but interest avoidance is. Because jobs aren’t forever. Because being able to sleep at night has value. Shall I go on?

Oct 9

I’m not sure you have to sell the Miata. I mean yeah, it’s not a bad thing to do, but if you say you can afford it and then still have money to buy a $1,000 Civic for no reason other than you might use it as a daily driver, you could just string along for two years just fine. Read more

Oct 2

This car reminds me of a story from a time I was traveling in Perth, Western Australia. I was at my hotel, and I came down to the lobby, and I saw this guy butt naked, chasing a kangaroo around the courtyard area in front of the lobby. No one seemed to mind, or care that there was a completely naked man chasing a Read more

Jul 28

Got to keep the Stratus just so he can yell this at family dinners:

Apr 13

I am going to hold back on this.

My Charge 3 is getting dead lines of pixels like crazy and that seems to be a common problem.

I will want to see how the Charge 4 is holding up under abuse before I get one.

Dec 10

So, who ever is currently in charge of Chevrolet’s design team (I suspect Michael bay) needs to be fired and has no business doing this. Read more

Dec 10

Their you halve it. An other peace, wear the average, person demonstrates they’re inability, to, write, affectively. You’re points are valid, but still, its a shame to sea.

Dec 10

Lettuce is gross and pointless anyway. I will not be taking further questions.

Dec 9

So from what I am gathering is that if you opt in to share your Ring vids , you basically make it easier for someone to figure out where you live and this information can be gathered is being shared with all. Read more

Dec 1

The best parking spot is in front of my computer ordering online and avoiding the shit show that is going to a brick and mortar store.

Nov 14

Well. When a Mach-E smokes a GT in acceleration tests maybe they’ll change the name of the ICE one to Probe.