Carli Velocci
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Aug 23 2016

I liked Barb’s character a lot. She is the geeky friend that gets left behind as the more “Marketable” friend moves up the social click ladder. This happened to pretty much every geek growing up and moving from middle school to high school. With that in mind I can completely understand why people liked her so much, Read more

Aug 23 2016

Should have been Stereo-L and Stereo-R but then you don’t expect scientists to have any sort of sense of humor.

Aug 22 2016

So, if it was STEREO with two satellites, when they lost B did A become MONO?

Aug 20 2016

My son has a peanut allergy and has to keep an epi-pen with him at all times. These are really expensive life preservers. The devices, most of the time, expire before they are ever needed, but you never want to be caught with out one. I am lucky and my insurance covers most of the cost, but that just means my HMO Read more

Aug 18 2016

Zoos kind of always turn my stomach a bit. Even if they do necessary work at times. Being on display - especially for the more intelligent beings - is something that simply repulses me. Read more

Aug 18 2016

If anyone is interested in the subject, Phil Demers was twice the guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he shares his experience and the abuse that goes on, in that park.

Aug 14 2016

sorry but i saw WW already when it was called Captain America” The First Avenger

Aug 13 2016

I’m still disappointed that the engineers on the broadcast haven’t done a touchdown dance after a successful landing of the first stage!

Aug 13 2016

Auralnaughts could have a billion subs and still be an under appreciated YouTube channel.

Aug 12 2016

We love it when our favorite sites get a hold of our work. Thanks!

Aug 12 2016

I love being a KC-10 boom operator, and this is one of the reasons. KC-10s, due to their enormous size and “liquid-carrying” capacity are considered by the tinfoil-hat crowd to be the prime dispersal vehicle for chemtrails. There was even a video on the Tube of You that crowed about how they noticed our “nozzles” - Read more

Aug 7 2016

If you ever see old American clothes from the early part of the 20th century, they’re quite small and short compared to modern day Americans. I wonder if the lack of childhood diseases and better nutrition has attributed to how large and tall, Americans are now.